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Building The Domestic Church

“Today, the Knights of Columbus is providentially positioned to play a key role in the new alliance between the Church and the family called for by Pope Francis … What is necessary now is our greater involvement in the renewal of parish and family life.”
-Supreme Knight Carl Anderson

“It is in the parish that one becomes engaged with the Church community, learns how to become a disciple of Christ, is nurtured by Scripture, is nourished by the sacraments, and ultimately becomes an evangelizer. Successful evangelization and catechetical initiatives must be focused on the parish.”

Knight Strong is a website with everything needed to inspire and train Knights who seek the Lord with all their heart, mind, soul and strength. Launched on September 8, 2016 (The Nativity of Mary), this is a site for Knights of Columbus by Knights from the State of Wisconsin. It is designed to aid those of us in the trenches of the Church Militant to understand and train for our role in the mission of combatting evil and rescuing the souls of our loved ones, especially those who have lost the precious gift of faith.


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Service Program Report

Utilize this form for recording a summary of each Council Service Program to keep for your Council Records, History Books and for submitting Council Service Programs to the State Council for State Council Awards.

Winners of State Council Awards are advanced to the Supreme Council for competition.

This report is due to the State Office by March 1st