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Membership Tournament Challenge

Win cash for your jurisdiction. Win bragging rights for life.



April 1 is here, and so is the  Membership Tournament Challenge! Between April 1 - June 30, all jurisdictions in the United States and Canada will go head-to-head in six, two-week rounds. Each round, the jurisdiction who earns the highest percentage of their membership intake quota will advance to the next round.  


Top prize is  $11,000  with a total of  $39,0000  up for grabs throughout the 12 weeks.


Here's how it works:  The Membership Tournament Challenge will allow all US and Canadian jurisdictions to compete in a membership competition lasting from April 1 through June 30. Each jurisdiction has been assigned a seed in one of four brackets: Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism. Seeding is based on Circle of Honor positioning as of April1 (view the attached for your jurisdiction's seeding and first-round matchup).


Can California outlast Delaware? Will Florida show its neighbor to the north who's boss? Will Virginia bid Quebec adieu? We'll know soon enough!


This is a single elimination tournament, with jurisdictions facing off in half-month challenges. The jurisdiction that posts the highest intake gain (as percentage of their quota) during that period, will win the match up and move on to the next round. Quotas will be locked in according to that day's Circle of Honor report.


For Example:  In the first round, New Hampshire faces off against Prince Edward Island. New Hampshire is at 77.82% of quota. Prince Edward Island is at 26.67%. When the first round ends on April 15, the jurisdiction that has posted the highest percentage gain  in that period  will win. So if New Hampshire is at 87.82% (an increase of 10%) on April 15, and Prince Edward Island is at 46.67% (an increase of 20%), Prince Edward Island will win the round.


Because there are 63 teams in the tournament, the true #1 seed - Tennessee - has earned a 1st round bye.Congratulations to Tennessee!


By the end of this contest, there will be a single jurisdiction as champion. Prizes will be awarded out throughout the contest as outlined below (jurisdictions will receive their prizes at the conclusion of the tournament, not after each round).


The  Membership Tournament Challenge  will be conducted in six rounds. These rounds will be divided as follows:


Round 1                           April 1 - April 15 (11 Processing Days)

Round 2                           April 16 - May 1 (11 Processing Days)

Round 3                           May 2 - May 16 (11 Processing Days)

Round 4                           May 17 - June 3 (11 Processing Days)

Round 5                           June 4 - June 18 (11 Processing Days)

Round 6                           June 19 - June 30 (8 Processing Days)


Prize Breakdown:  Prizes for this contest will be awarded after the completion of Rounds 2-6 (there will be no prizes given to winners of Round 1). For each matchup, the jurisdiction with the highest intake gain during the competition period (as explained) will win the prize money and a spot in the next round. If there's a tie, the jurisdiction with the highest seed will win the matchup. You will earn money each time you survive a round (beginning with Round 2).  



# Winners

Prize Per Winner

Total Round Prizes

Round 2




Round 3




Round 4




Round 5




Round 6





Consolation Contest:  In addition to the prizes awarded after each round, there will be $5,000 in prize money for jurisdictions that are eliminated.


$3,500  will go to the jurisdiction with the highest percentage intake gain (from April 1 - Jun 30)

$1,500  will go to the jurisdiction with the second-highest percentage intake gain

$500  will go to the jurisdiction with the third-highest percentage intake gain


The jurisdiction that wins the Membership Tournament Challenge is ineligible for consolation prize money.



Aim For Victory!:  Keep an eye open for more matchup previews, upset alerts, coaches profiles and keys to victory each week.




Matthew A. St. John

Director of   U.S. Membership Growth

Knights of Columbus Supreme Council Office

1 Columbus Plaza I New Haven, CT 06510

Phone: 203-752-4633





Scholarship Fund Winners

Week 1

$25.00 GK Tom Green (donated $ back into Fund. Thanks, Tom)

$50.00 Michael Mullin

$75.00 David Felice


Week  2

$25.00 Francis Pucylowski

$50.00. Colleen Farrell

$75.00  Frank Rinaldi


Week 3

$25.00 Coffee Run Council -Donated back into fund. Thanks!

$50.00 Gerald Newell

$75.00 Joseph Sullivan


Week 4

$25.00 John Baron, Georgetown

$50.00 James Martin, Dover

$75.00 John Mullins, Millsboro


Week 5- Last Drawing

$50.00 Hugh Lynch, Lewes

$100.00 Terence Gleason, Newark

$150.00 Bob DelGrosso, Wilmington


We thank all the Brother Knights that contributed to this year's program. The scholarships to the schools will be presented in May.

Manuel Velez- Chairman




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