Installation of Officers 2017

Installation of Officers 2017

Installation of Ladies Auxiliary Officers

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 Message from the Grand Knight



Dear Brothers:


As we approach the Christmas season please don't forget the reason for the season. Please Keep Christ in Christmas.  ln my opinion, the increase in drug abuse, rape, violence, pornography, murders, gang violence and other crimes are due to the decrease in religion and prayers in our society.  Families are often too busy to pray at home.  Many of our children don't pray in school.  Please take the time to thank God for your blessings and to ask him and our Holy Mother to guide us each day and to guide our political and religious leaders.  Also, don't forget to pray to your guardian angel and St. Michael the Arc Angel.  My angel speaks to me all the time.


We have had many successful events in the Hall since our last meeting.  Brother Jim Reynolds did another tremendous job at the Aquia Field Mass.  The weather was terrific, the food outstanding, there were many volunteers and guests.  This was truly a great event for the Council as it is our namesake.  Thank you, Brother Jim, for chairing this event for nearly 40 years.


Brother Justin and Mary Ann Rackowski chaired the Children's Halloween Party.  Not only was the party an outstanding event but Justin and Mary Ann coordinated with the Assembly as the Veterans Dinner was held that evening.  Thank you, Brother Justin and Mary Ann.


Thank you, Worthy Warden Billy Bolton, for chairing the KCIC Christmas Card Sales.  Also, thanks again for setting up a list of volunteers to help with the St Lucy Food Drive, October 7 & 8 and again on October 15 &16.


Colin Myers and his wife Dawn did a remarkable job again meeting our Blood Drive goal for the month as worked with the American Red Cross.  Thank you, Brother Colin.


We also had the Deceased Members Mass on Nov.4, 2017.  Thanks to all that helped including Brother Knights and members of the George Brent Council Ladies Auxiliary that helped setup, cook and decorate, create scrolls and a list of deceased members for the event.


Many thanks to Brother Matt Lewandowski and his wife Mary for Chairing the Healing Mass and the Elderly Thanksgiving Dinner this year.


John Masarick

Grand Knight



Message from the Deputy Grand Knight


The month of December is one of my 12 favorite months.  Seriously, it's probably the second favorite next to May, the month in which Mary Jo and I married each other.  It's a time to wind down a bit, spend time with family and friends.  And most importantly to prepare for, celebrate, remember.our Lord's birth over 2000 years ago.  And that includes prayerfully, spiritually preparing for the second and final coming of the Lord.


In keeping with that, the Church has the Month of December dedicated to Advent and the Coming of Christ. The feast days this month include St. Francis Xavier (Dec 3), St. Barbara (Dec 4), St. Ambrose (Dec 7), Our Lady of Guadalupe (Dec 12), St. Lucy – Lucy – Patron Saint of the Blind (Dec 13), St. Thomas the Apostle (Dec 21), his brother Apostle St. John the Evangelist, (Dec 27), and St Thomas a Becket (Dec 29).


The next "6 Point Meeting" will be at 7:30 on Tuesday, December 21 in the Club Room.  Anyone chairing an event in late December, January or February is encouraged to attend this meeting.  We can help by getting volunteers, advertising the event, and answering any questions or concerns of the event chairman.  If you are a chairman of a recent event, please send me your completed "Event Report".  If you would like to help with any of our upcoming events, please contact me by e-mail at or by phone at 703-314-7397.


Upcoming George Brent Council dates to keep in mind:

Dec 4: Council Meeting with 1st Degree

Dec 9: Children's Christmas Party (Morning)

Dec 9: Adult Christmas Party (Evening)

Dec 12: 2nd Degree

Dec 17: Family Breakfast after 9:30 Mass

December 31: New Year's Eve Party


Vivat Jesus!!l


Tom Mehr
Deputy Grand Knight
General Program Director




Knight of the Month - November


I have known this Brother Knight since he joined the Council.  This Brother is a volunteer worker at Birmingham Green.  He is also the Captain of Bingo Team 2.  This Brother has been Chairing the Aquia Field Mass for nearly 40 years.  This year this Brother had to overcome many obstacles to make the Aquia Field Mass a tremendous success.  It was held on a beautiful day with nearly 100 attendees, escorted by a Knights of Columbus Color Guard.  He was able to get support for the event from the Brothers of St William of York Catholic Church.


It is my pleasure to present the November 2017 Knight of the Month for the George Brent Council to Brother Jim Reynolds.



Family of the Month - November


This Brother Knight first joined the Knights in 1993.  His wife is a member of the George Brent Council Ladies Auxiliary.  She is a regular worker in the Bingo Kitchen.  She also works in the Bethany Food Pantry and is a teacher at All Saints School.  This Brother Knight is a regular caller on Bingo Team 3.  He is also an usher at All Saints Catholic Church.  This year they volunteered to Chair the Children's Halloween Party.


It is my pleasure to select Justin and Mary Ann Rackowski as the November 2017 Family of the Month for the George Brent Council.





Bingo Appreciation Award - November


I have known this Brother since l joined the Council.  This Brother Knight took his first Degree in 1955.  He took his Fourth Degree in 1996.  He is an Honorary Life Member.  After joining the Council, he became chairman of the Blood Drive and ran it for several years.  He has served as a Eucharistic Minister and an Usher at All Saints Catholic Church.  He worked Bingo for over 40 years.  He worked Bingo when the Hall was much smaller and smoking was allowed.  He likes to work the sales table.  He is very popular with the Bingo players.


It is my pleasure to present the November 2017 Bingo Appreciation Award for the George Brent Council to Brother Dick Goble.





Ladies Auxiliary of the George Brent Council



The Lady I chose to honor this month is a very busy person.  She is involved with multiple groups, not only within the Knights but also with other groups in the parish.  She is always there to help with set-up and to fix appetizers, even though sometimes she can't attend because of other commitments.  She helps serve in the club room whenever needed.  She works Bingo kitchen and is quick to offer to fill-in if someone can't be there.  This lady has to juggle many things in her schedule because her husband is not home for months at a time.  ln spite of that she never fails to come through for us.  She also takes care of our pictures and does a wonderful job.  I am happy to give this award to our Historian, Suzette Curry as our November Lady of the Month.


Important dates to Remember

Dec 17: Family Breakfast

Dec 19: 6 Point Meeting

Dec 31: New Year’s Event

Every Tuesday - Rosary in Club Room 7:00pm


Bingo Kitchen Schedule:

Thurs Dec. 14- Carol S., Audreenia D, Janet M.

Sun Dec. 17 - Barbara G., Margaret O., Mary I., Sarah R., Barbara K.

Thurs Dec 28 - Judy A., Nancy S., Ellie D., Gloria P.


Ladies, please remember to bring a food item for the Bethany Pantry to our meetings. Let's fill those shelves”


Welcome New Members:

We would like to invite wives, daughters (18 or older) mothers, mothers-in-laws and sisters of Knights to visit one of our meeting and consider joining the auxiliary.


Widows Program:

Ladies, if you are part of the Widows Program, please don't forget to contact your person.  Many of the widows look forward to getting those calls or maybe an occasional card just so they know you are thinking of them.  If you send cards, remember to include your phone number so they can contact you if they need to contact you for any reason. After you contact your person, please send me an e-mail to let me know you spoke to her.


Our next meeting:

The next meeting will be on Monday Dec 11. This will be a pot luck party with a gift exchange.  Gifts should cost between $10 & $15.  Rosary will be at 7:00 & the party will start at 7:30.


Officers for the fraternal year are:

 Sue Masarick, President 703-368-1603

 Tuxa Sousa, Vice President 571-355-9160

 Judy Bolton, Secretary 571-432-8552

 Dawn Myers, Treasurer 703-868-7073

 Suzette Curry, Historian 240-993-6756

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