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 Message from the Grand Knight


Mary Queen of the Knights


The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary


As simply as the story can be told, the Blessed Virgin Mary was entirely assumed, body and soul, into heaven at the end of her worldly existence. Mary's freedom from original sin complete devotion to from God, and having to fulfillment of His will set her apart from the rest of humanity, exempting her from having to wait until the end of time to enjoy the full effect of Christ’s victory over death. With the Assumption comes the conclusion of Mary’s earthly existence and serves as her first step toward taking her place at Christ’s side as queen of the universe.


The assumption cannot be found in scripture and the earliest sources which formed this traditional belief seem to come from apocryphal stories originating as early as the 4th century. Though such sources cannot be accepted as truth neither can they be proven false, leaving the belief in the assump­tion acceptable provided it is validated through other means. Thus the acceptance of Mary's Assumption into Church Doctrine is the result of logical deduction which considers all relevant points of scripture as well as earthly evidence. (https:// www.catholic.com/magazine/online-edition/the-assumption-of-mary-in-history "The Assumption of Mary" written by Tim Staples.)


Pope Pius XII led the effort to properly define the belief in the Assumption. Beginning with the principle of consortium (that Mary was always sharing in Christ's lot) he linked the Assumption to the Immaculate Conception. He then asked the opinions of all Bishops within the church and received near-unanimous assent to the Assumption's validity. Finally, he reviewed state­ments of tradition recorded through the centuries. On November 1, 1950, Pope Pius XII defined the Assumption of Mary to be a dogma of faith: "We pronounce, declare and define it to be a divinely revealed dogma that the immaculate Mother of God, the ever Virgin Mary, having completed the course of her earthly life, was assumed body and soul to heavenly glory." (https:ljwww.ewtn.com/faith/teachings/marya5.htm "Evidence for the Assumption" by Fr William G. Most.)


Though accepted into doctrine, many would argue against the validity of the Assumption, attempting to disprove the belief using scripture, to include John 3:13, "No one has ascended up to heaven, but He who descended from heaven, the Son of man." The argument being that only Christ may ascend into heaven and thus Mary could not have followed given his own statement. However, given that God is in the details, one must pay attention to what is actually being said. John was quoting Christ, who spoke of what has happened and not of what can or is to happen, making this passage irrelevant to the subject of the Assumption. If Jesus was speaking about the future it would have no contradictory effect to the belief in Mary's Assumption. Indeed, ascension is unique to Christ. Mary did not ascend -she was assumed. (https:ljwww.catholic.com/magazine/ online-edition/the-assumption-of-mary ''The Assumption of Mary" by Tim Staples.)


Prayer for the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Father in heaven, all creation rightly gives you praise, for all life and all holiness come from you. In the plan of your wis­dom she who bare the Christ in her womb was raised body and soul in glory to be with him in heaven. May we follow her example in reflecting your holiness and join in her hymn of endless love and praise. We ask this through Christ our Lord.


Mary's Amazing Virtue for this Month: Universal Mortification

Meaning: Universal - All-encompassing, applicable everywhere. Mortification - Dying to yourself and your own will.


How Mary demonstrated Universal Mortification: Mary died to herself from the moment she said, "Not my will but Yours be done." She continued this throughout her entire life, continually dying to herself and totally uniting herself to her Son. How we can live out this virtue: Make sacrifices and offer them up for the greater good of someone else. Mortify yourself in little daily events, such as getting up right away when the alarm goes off and not hitting the snooze button!


July has come and gone but not without its highlights. First some Thanks!! and then some news from State and Supreme.



Thanks go out to Worthy Outside Guard Greg Hall and his wife Phyllis for chairing the Independence

Day picnic at Urbanna Swim club.  Thanks Greg and Phyllis - Great food, fun and fellowship!! A huge thanks to everyone who helped make the lnstallation of Officers a wonderful event including Worthy State Secretary Bob Szerszynski, Worthy District Deputy Carlos Sousa and Worthy District Wardens Scott Rose and John Masarick for officiating; Worthy Warden Enrique Nieto and his merry band of Guards (Joe Cahill, Santiago Garcia, Greg Hall and Charlie Orama) for setting up the event; PGK Dave Riley, his daughter and granddaughter for preparing a wonderful meal; and the Ladies Auxiliary for setting up and providing the cake.


News from the Virginia Knights of Columbus State Quarterly Meeting

On Saturday July 7, 2018 the Worthy District Deputy Carlos Sousa, Worthy Deputy Grand Knight Tom Masarick and I attended the Quarterly State, or "Organizational" meeting, in Glen Allen. We were joined by Ladies of Virginia Agnes Aleksy, Tuxa Sousa, Sue Mlasarick and Janet Masarick. The Theme of the Meeting was "Changing a Man's Life". The biggest highlight was information on how our Council Programs are structured, which is now called Faith in Action.


Faith ln Action

Knights of Columbus has gone from six Council Programs (Community, Council, Culture of Life, Family, and Youth) to four (Faith, Family, Community and Life). Supreme has folded the Youth Program into Family, and has taken Council program activities and consolidated them into Faith and Family. We'll provide more information on the four Program Areas as the year goes on, including highlighting new and "Featured Programs" from Supreme. ln brief, the four Categories represent the following:

Faith: Strengthen our men and their families in the faith.

Family: Strengthen the familial bond offather to mother and children to parents.

Community: Serve our family and our God by practicing Charity, at home with our families an in our communities.

Life: Respect and defend life in all of its stages and in every condition.


Again, Congratulations to all the Council Officers and Officers of the Ladies Auxiliary!


Tom Mehr

Grand Knight



Message from the Deputy Grand Knight 


What a great way to start off the year with an "Independence Day Picnic" at Urbanna Swim Club. Project Chairman Greg Hall did an outstanding job planning, coordinating and implementing; it was a great day of fun for Brother Knights and our families. The event was held on Saturday, June 30th our picnic tables were in the shade of trees and we had approximately 60 guests attend. The food was really good; burgers and hot dogs etc., the pool was large and inviting and there were some serious horse shoe tournaments taking place during the picnic. All-in-all a great day for Brother Knights and our families to celebrate Independence Day.


The month of August is dedicated to “The Assumption of the blessed virgin Mary" We cele­brate the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary; which is a Holy day of Obligation on (August 15th). Wednesday, August 29th is the Passion of St. John the Baptist, but is not a holy day of obligation.

Our August and September Council events are listed below:



August 6th Council Meeting and 1st Degree (Monday) - 7:00pm rosary

**Rosary at 7:00pm (every Tuesday) in the Club Room

August 18th Blood Drive (setup on Friday night at 7:00pm) Chairman Colin & Dawn Myers

August 20th Council Meeting-Rosary starts at 7:30pm

August 22nd Wednesday (Golf Banquet 4:00pm - 9:00pm) - Chairman Tom Bowmaster

August 25th Saturday "Knight at the Ball Park" Chairman Bill Yochem and Picnic at Hall proceeding the game.



Sept 15th and 16th Recruitment Sunday- Chairman Ken Ball

PGK Dinner Saturday, September 15th • Chairman PGK Milt Shomo

Family Breakfast Sunday September 16th Chairman PGK Carlos Sousa

Open House for New Members, Sunday September 23rd Chairman Ken Ball


Our next 6-Point meeting will be on Tuesday, August 21st at 7:30pm in the Club Room. Any­one chairing an event in the next two months is encouraged to attend this meeting. A Project "Planning Guide" is requested this year in planning and implementing your project and will be useful for those to Chair your Project in the future:

Project Planning




Minimizing risks

Room setup and clean-up

Coordinating with Ladies Auxiliary (as needed).


Feel free to contact me about any planned events questions or issues.  I hope to use my knowledge of the Council events and knowledge as a certified project manager (pmp) to support you and your project.  You can call and leave a message at 703-368-8308  or tmasarick@aol.com Attention: WDGK


Vivat Jesus

Tom Masarick

Deputy Grand Knight

General Program Director




As we begin the Fraternal year, I would like us to think of the plans that we have for the com­ing year: plans for ourselves, for our families, and our parish. I encourage each Knight to read and pray over Ephesians 2. Read the passage, then ask yourself how you are participating in God's plan, and then re-read the passage.


St. Paul's Letter to the Ephesians, provides the focus for who we are, what we do, and why we do it. We discover the generosity of God's plan in calling us from sin to God's mercy. God's mercy gives us a new life. Chapter 2 is the generosity of God's plan and how we are made one in Christ.


For we are his handiwork, created in Christ Jesus for the good works that God has prepared in advance, that we should live in them.


Do you really appreciate that you are God's handiwork and that God knew you, even before you were created? God, the master artist, delights in you as his creation.


So then you are no longer strangers and sojourners, but you are fellow citizens with the holy ones and members of the household of God. (Eph 2: 19). How wonderful it is that we are not left on our own. God is like the hound in the poem The Hound of Heaven, by Francis Thompson (died 1907).


I fled Him down the nights and down the days

I fled Him down the arches of the years

I fled Him down the labyrinthine ways.


It is a poem of how we flee God, but God is like a hound who sniffs us out and searches for us continuously, even when we don't know that Someone is searching for us.


God calls us because God bas a strategic plan for our life. Quite often we don't see the meaning of what is happening in our lives until we look back with hindsight and see how God has been there continuously in the events that unfold before us.


God is calling us to first see God's plan for our own life, then to involve our family in that plan, and then to go out on behalf of others, so that they might encounter the joy of the Gospel.


This passage from St. Paul is Trinitarian in nature. As you pray it, ask God:


"God the Father, what are you asking of me so that I can be a peacemaker and bring about unity?"

"Jesus, God the Son, help me to see how your plan is to unite me with others, most especially with those whom I might not approach at first."

"God, the Holy Spirit, open me up to what you want to do within me. Pray within me. Act within me."


Don't be surprised, when God answers your prayer!


Father Lee Roos

Pastor, All Saints Catholic Church

Chaplain, George Brent Council Knights of Columbus


Knight of the Month - July


This Brother Knight has been part of what I call the glue of the Council. He has served in a number of capacities over the time that I've known him. He's been a member of the Admissions Committee and chaired events, and he and his wife have been active members of the George Brent family, rain or shine for many years. But the role he plays on a daily basis, seven days a week, has been instrumental in keeping this Council informed of everything from the next great event coming up to the need to form a prayer train for someone in need, either in this world or the next. Apart from our unity under God knowing what our Council family is doing or needs, or of opportunities to practice our faith is maybe the biggest ingredient in the "glue" that holds us together. It is my pleasure to present the July 2018 Knight of the Month for the George Brent Council to Brother John Hayes


Family of the Month - July


This Brother has been a member of the Council for a relatively short amount of time although having been a Knight for 23 years. And from the very beginning he and his wife jumped right in to Council activities: Chairing events such as Dinner and a Movie, serving at Family Breakfasts - showing up early and only leaving when the job is complete. This year she has stepped up to take on the role of Vice President of the Ladies Auxiliary and he has stepped into the chairs this year as one of our Inside Guards. As a family, they make the Knights a priority. This past weekend the family celebrated the commissioning of their daughter in the Navy, and then made sure, as a family to be at All Saints for Corporate Communion and participate in the installation of Officers ceremony. He has served tirelessly as the Council's photographer and even though the both of them were extremely involved in the Installation ceremony, the newly-minted Ensign stepped in to cover that role to capture these moment on film. It is my pleasure to present the July, 2018 Family of the Month to the William "Joe" and Sandy Cahill family.


Bingo Appreciation Award - July


This month's Bingo Appreciation Award goes to a Knight who stepped up to chair a Bingo Team on several occasions for a Brother Knight who was unexpectedly kept from his duties by personal matters. When Bingo Team 2 Captain Jim Reynolds was detained on the west coast taking care of his wife Noreen this Knight lead the Team on three of the occasions, selflessly giving of his time and talents. It is my pleasure to present the July 2018 Bingo Appreciation Award for the George Brent Council to Worthy Deputy Grand Knight Tom Masarick.




Ladies Auxiliary of the George Brent Council


Greetings! In July, Carol Sojka Sarah Rule, and Lucie Moye led their Bingo teams with-lots of enthusiasm and servant hearts.  Each of their team members is a leader themselves.  Your Auxiliary officers met on July 26 for planning purposes to ensure they continue to work cohesively for the organization and fill gaps wherever needed. In the last few weeks, it was uplifting to connect with many ladies who missed the July meeting.  We understand that life is busy and everyone has commitments that can easily conflict with Auxiliary business meetings.  Remain encouraged!  If you are not in our 2018-2019 email list, you can email or call us anytime at kofc5332ladiesauxiliary@gmail.com or (571) 330-3010 (voicemail available) to request an update, volunteer for an activity, or ask for prayers or help.


We remain committed to working collectively with the Worthy Grand Knight, and his team to make this fraternal year a success for the Council and the Church.  We encourage you to participate and/or share information with friends and family to support the upcoming August 18, 2018 Blood Drive and August 25, 2018, Knight at the Ball Park events.  We look forward to welcoming Worthy Grand Knight, Tom Mehr, and Past Grand Knight Tom Bowmaster to speak at our August 13, 2018 meeting.


May God continue to guide the Ladies Auxiliary leadership; May our members become closer in community; May our Blessed Mother strengthen us to carry out His plan for the Auxiliary and each of us.  St. Michael, pray for us!  St. Rose of Lima, pray for all parents and grandparents as they get ready for another school year!


President's Monthly Reflection:

Many members celebrated birthdays, wedding anniversaries, enjoyed summertime family trips, our Nation's Independence, and the installation of our organization's new officers. In my reflection, it became evident that July carries a special meaning. Ten years ago, joined a handful of All Saints Youth Ministry teens and adult volunteers, to attend World Youth Day 2008 in Australia themed, "You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you" (Acts 1:8) where I personally witnessed young pilgrims' thirst for God.  On July 14th the Church remembered Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, the First Native American Saint from Auriesville. New York.  Although St. Kateri was not a member of a formal religious community, she had the support of her mother, helpful priests, and supportive Christian friends in her jorney leading to her canonization in 2012. The last day of July, Saint lgnatius of Loyola reminds us 10 live the reality of our times, while continually discerning God's will for the world through each of our gifts.  Now we prepare to enter the month of August to celebrate the feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord and the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin.  Saints like Saint John Vianney patron of parish priests, Saint Dominic, and Saint Rose of Lima remind us to seek Cod and do our best to imitate God throughout our earthly journey.  During my childhood in Peru, St. Rose of Lima was always our example to care for homeless children, the elderly, and the sick.  Lastly, Saint Augustine reminds us the need to daily conversion.  Together, we are called to spread God's infinite love and mercy to every child or adult in need and to help one another to get closer to God embodying our Christian virtues in today's fast-changing world.  Together, may our actions inspire younger generations who thirst for Him.



In Christ,

Erika Laos-Franco

President, Ladies Auxiliary



Important Dates for August

Aug 13 (Mon) - Ladies' Auxiliary Meeting

Aug 18 (Sat) - Blood Drive

Aug 25 (Sat) - Knight at the Ball Park


Ladies Bingo Kitchen Dates for August

Aug 02 (Thu) - Carol Sojka Team

Aug 09 (Thu) - Carol Sojka Team

Aug 19 (Sun) - Erika Laos-Franco Team

Aug 23 (Thu) - Judy Albrecht Team

Aug 26 (Sun) - Tuxa Sousa Team

Aug 30 (Thu) - Erika Laos-Franco Team


2018-2019 Officers:

President:  Erika Laos-Franco

Vice-President:  Sandra Cahill

Secretary:  Sara Rule

Treasurer:  Dawn Myers

Historian:  Michaela Myers


Upcoming Council Events

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