Installation of Officers 2017

Installation of Officers 2017

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 Message from the Grand Knight




Dear Brothers:


As the end of the fraternal year 2017-2018 approaches, I would like to reflect on the past twelve months. I am grateful for the tremendous support from my family and friends. In my opinion, the George Brent Council is second to none in the State of Virginia, however; this past year we have made many significant improvements to make the Council even better.  The year has been very active we have always worked hard and also taken the time to have fun.


First, I must thank the Officers of the George Brent Council.  The Officers of George Brent were always there when I needed them.  The officers and members of the George Brent Council stepped up to successfully organize and work events such as, raise money for KOVAR, Elderly Thanksgiving Dinner, Family Breakfast, collect food for the Bethany Pantry, recruit Brother Knights, collect food for the St. Lucy project, organize Un-Trim a Tree, purchase jackets for needy children in the community and many other events.  The Council Officers worked with and supported our Sir Knights and our Irish brothers of the AOH.  I am especially proud that the Council was key in closing the Abortion Clinic in Manassas.  The Council then approved a resolution to support the Free Clinic that opened in place of the Abortion Clinic. The Council formed a Roundtable to assist the new Saint Gabriel Mission in Manassas Park The Council approved a commitment to improve the grounds of All Saints Catholic Church by providing funding for a new digital sign in front of our church.  I must not forget my brothers that provided communications for the Council that kept our members informed by e-mail blasts, a wonderful newsletter and a terrific web page. I would be remissant if I did not thank my brothers that worked Bingo on Thursday’s and Sunday’s time after time. Without the Bingo workers we would not have a Hall or funds to donate to our charities.


I must also thank the Ladies Auxiliary of the George Brent Council #5332. The Ladies worked over 50 percent of the Bingo Kitchens, providing food and refreshments to the Bingo players.  The Ladies decorated the Hall and provided appetizers for events such as the St Patrick’s Day Dinner Dance, Elderly Thanksgiving Dinner, Oktoberfest, the 50-60 Dinner Dance, the Blood drives and many other events. 


I wish to thank my wonderful wife Sue for serving as President of the Ladies Auxiliary and for being there for me.  I could not have been able to accomplish anything without her support and love.  My family was also there to give me support and guidance and I thank them.


I am very fortunate to have wonderful advisors this year.  Without them I cannot imagine how difficult this year would have been.  Together with the council officers and my advisors we have created a membership team that is best in the state.  The Council added a Welcoming Committee for new members, a Degree Advancement Committee, a Fraternal Outreach Committee as well as improving the Admissions Committee and the Retention Committee.  This year we had two very successful recruitment drives. On two occasions this year, we held an “Open House” for new members.


Organization and safety was high on my list of priorities for the 2017-2018 fraternal year. With the help of the Ladies Auxiliary and brother Knights, the Bingo Room was organized.  Round and square table cloths and napkins were properly stored in a new cabinet, a book shelf was created to make year books of the Ladies Auxiliary accessible and enjoyable (Thank you, Bo). Decorating material, belonging to the ladies auxiliary was better organized. By better organizing the Bingo room, we improved safety for those who use the room.


To summarize:  This was a wonderful year that went by too fast. I am grateful for our Pastor, Father Lee, my council officers and members, my advisors, my friends, the Bishop Flaherty Assembly, the Ancient Order of Hibernians, the Ladies Auxiliary as well as my wife and family.


Vivat Jesus!

John Masarick

Grand Knight




Message from the Deputy Grand Knight


God Bless you all as we wrap up this wonderful Fraternal Year.  It has been an honor, a privilege and great fun being your Deputy Grand Knight.  Thank you from the bottom on my heart for your trust, friendship, fellowship and overwhelming support throughout this wonderful twelve months. 


And what a great honor having served as such for Grand Knight John Masarick.  What a great job John and Sue Masarick did this year and this Council, this parish and this community are more grateful than words can convey.


June is the month of the Sacred Heart. A devotion long practiced privately, it was officially approved in the 1800s. Devotion to the Sacred Heart encourages participation in Holy Hour Eucharistic Adoration and to receive Holy Communion on the first Friday of every month.


Feast days during this month include St. Boniface (June 5), St. Columba (June 9), St. Margaret of Scotland (June 10), St. Barnabas (June 11), St. Anthony of Padua (June 13), St. John the Baptist (June 24), St. Peter (June 29) and St. Paul (June 30)


The next "6 Point Meeting" will be at 7:30 PM on Tuesday, June 19 in the CIub Room. Anyone chairing an event in late June or July is encouraged to attend this meeting. If you chaired a recent event, please send me your completed "Event Report".  If you would like to help with any of our upcoming events, please contact me by e-mail at or by phone at 703-314-7397.


Thank you Brothers and Sisters!!!


Vivat Jesus!!!

Tom Mehr

Deputy Grand Knight

General Program Director




Family Breakfast Thank You


My wife and I want  to thank all of you for the support and availability that was given to us through all the Family Breakfasts this year.  All the money that was collected will make a huge difference in  the lives of those with intellectual disabilities. In their name and the George Brent Council we THANK YOU!  Family Breakfast will be back in September.


Enjoy  this Summer days in the company of yours families.


God Bless


Family Breakfast Chairman


PGK                  PP

Carlos Sousa / Tuxa Sousa




Knight of the Month - May


I have known this Brother Knight since I joined the Council.  This Brother joined the Knights on November 30, 1992. He is a regular worker on Bingo team four.  He is also the Treasurer of the Council. This past week when I needed his advice on a financial matter of the Council, he took time from his busy schedule to provide good advice rapidly and professionally.  It is my pleasure to present the May, 2018 Knight of the Month for the George Brent Council to Brother, Russ Clarke.




Family of the Month - May


I have known this Brother Knight since he joined the Council.   This Brother joined the Knights on April 7, 2014. This brother and his wife are usually found working together.  Most of the time you see his entire family working together. They do an enormous amount of work for the Community, the Church and the Council. This brother is an Officer of the Council.  This year he chaired the Councils activities at the All Saints Catholic Church, Parish Festival.  He and his family organize Donut Sunday for our Church. He recently Chaired Cinco de Mayo in cooperation with the Bishop Flaherty Assembly.  He is the Chairman of the George Brent Council Roundtable. It is my pleasure to present the May 2018 Family of the Month for the George Brent Council to Brother Enrique and Elena Nieto.





Bingo Appreciation Award - May


I have known this brother since before I joined the Council. This Brother received his first Degree on March, 1, 2002.    He has worked Bingo since joining the Council.  Occasionally he helps out in the Ladies Auxiliary with the Bingo Kitchen. He was the Captain of Bingo Team 4 and is now a Bingo Cage Manager.  This past weekend when I had a family emergency, and could not attend Bingo, I asked this brother for help.  He did not hesitate to say yes.  The State also recognizes this Brother and  has asked him to be the District Deputy for District 19. It is my pleasure to present the May 2018 Bingo Appreciation Award for the George Brent Council to Brother Carlos Sousa.




Ladies Auxiliary of the George Brent Council


Lady of the Year  2017 - 2018


The lady I chose this year is a very active member of our council auxiliary.  She is a Past President although not in our auxiliary, as she transferred to us a few years ago.   She has been a great addition to our auxiliary and sometimes she even volunteers too much.  We are constantly telling her to slow down, that she doesn’t have to do it all.  We call her our Ever-Ready Bunny.  She works multiple Bingos each month and is the first to volunteer if we need a sub for another team.  Not only does she work the bingo kitchen, I can’t think of an event where she hasn’t helped in some way, whether it is set-up, clean-up or preparing appetizers.  She also counts money for the church and works donut Sunday every month. She can be found many Fridays cooking and serving in the club room, and she always contributes all the proceeds to the ladies auxiliary. She alone has contributed over $1500.00 just this year.


She doesn’t let anything hold her down, not even a damaged eye or a broken toe. I’m sure everyone knows who I am talking about.  It is with great pleasure that I award Lady of the Year 2017 – 2018 to Carol Sojka.


Sue Masarick, President Ladies Auxiliary

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