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INCLEMENT WEATHER: "In the event of inclement weather and Prince William Schools cancel evening activities; our Bingo program will also be cancelled.   A cancellation announcement will be posted on this website (on BINGO UPDATE button) no later than 3:30 PM Monday." 
Phone number to the VFW is:  (703) 670-4124.  We will make every effort to update our website before 3:30 pm, and notify the VFW of any Bingo cancellation.
This policy is in effect for the safety of our Bingo players and volunteer workers.  Thank you for your understanding.


John Paul I Bingo


Doors open at 5:30 PM and the sale of Instant Bingo cards begins at 5:45 PM.  The sale of regular Bingo cards begins at 6:30 PM.  Early Bird games (4) start at 7:30 PM.  All regular games pay $100 and the Coverall Jackpot is $1000.


INCLEMENT WEATHER: "In the event of inclement weather and Prince William Schools cancel evening activities, our Bingo program will also be cancelled  A cancellation announcement will be posted on this website no later than 3:30 PM."


Council/Assembly City Location Time Days Jackpot
7165 - John Paul I Dale City VFW Hall, 14631 Minnieville Rd. 6:30PM Mondays $1000
5998 - Mount Vernon Alexandria 8592 Richmond Highway 1:00PM First Sunday of Month $1000
5998 - Mount Vernon Alexandria 8592 Richmond Highway 6:00PM Fridays $1000
5750 - Fr. Kelley Woodbridge 13386 Telegraph Rd. 1:00PM Sundays $1000
5332 - George Brent Manassas 9290 Stonewall Road




5332 - George Brent Manassas 9290 Stonewall Road






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By Sandy Gagnon
In the beginning of this wonderful project, Steve and Pat Macejka had the idea to purchase teddy bears for distribution
to sick children at the then Potomac Hospital. Unfortunately, though understandably, the Council was not able
to actually hand out the bears to individual patients. Then Pat found out that the Prince William County Police Department
accepted similar donations for use in our community with children who are in distress.
For the last 20+ years, the Council and the K.C. Ladies have been donating teddy bears to the Police Department
at the Council’s Christmas Dinner-Dance. The Department kindly sends an officer or two to share a story of their
individual use of a bear during their work in the community. Sometimes, the story is huge and tear-jerking and all in
attendance can see the benefit of this wonderful project; sometimes, the story is small and gentle, but no less important
in the life of that specific child.
Whether involved in something as simple as a fender-bender or something as huge as the arrest of a parent, the
officer involved now has a way to bridge that gap, to help that child understand that the police are not bad. And,
hopefully, that child will have a set memory of the kindness shown to them by an officer at a frightening time in their
life. We pray that this simple kindness will make a difference in that child’s perception of the police as they grow to
be an adult.
This year we had the pleasure of 1st Sgt. Jeff Sheldon and Officer Truman Paul represent the PWCPD, tell stories
and receive our teddy bear donations.

Council Communications 1

We have set up a new service creating alias emails for officers and other positions as listed in the Who’s Who on page 3 of this newsletter. Every address will end in
If you are not getting council group emails, please email me at and let me know. Sometimes web mail servers will reject emails from our website or send them to spam. I will try to restore service when this happens as quickly as possible.
Council rosters are available on the website in the Members Only section. Access requires your membership ID and a password to log in. I would ask that you verify the information on the roster and email for corrections. Documents posted include: council roster, widows roster, bingo roster, and committee roster. Please ensure to treat roster information as sensitive and do not share with anyone.
If you have any articles, photos or suggestions for the newsletter, please email them to alias address This alias email address goes to our newsletter editors, Wasiu Adedeji and Alison Short. Alison is Brother Greg Short’s wife, and recently joined the newsletter team to help edit and QA articles for us. Our council officer chairs (Grand Knight, Deputy Grand Knight, Chancellor) and I also get copies to this alias address.

Ed Fairbairn, PGK,
Webmaster and Communications


Council Rosters

We maintain an accurate roster of our council members, but it is only as accurate as the information you provide to the Financial Secretary who in turn provides the information to Supreme.  The published roster lists only those Brother Knights who are active and the information listed (other than local information such as officer position, council jobs, committee and bingo team assignments) is the information which Supreme has on file.  So if the roster is incorrect please notify the Financial Secretary ( and the Webmaster as well.   Because the full roster has home address information, it is not available through our website per UKnight policy, but you can obtain through the secure file repository by contacting the webmaster for username and password access.   Note that if you don’ t see your wife’s name on the roster, neither supreme nor the council has the information recorded.  Please forward your spouse’s name and please include birth date (day and month only) so we can recognize her birthday in the newsletter and for the free birthday dinners.

Our website has a roster with names, phone numbers and a link to send any brother knight an email, and this is through our members only section of the website.  Member’s only access uses your member number and birthdate for log in.


Newsletter by Mail

We currently mail out about 75 newsletters by request only and to the council widows.  This helps keep our postage rates down and we thank all who receive the electronic version to print at home or read on line.  If you come to the council home we usually have several dozen extra copies so you can pick up one as well.  We publish a “PDF” version which is good for printing or viewing on line or in an e-reader such as tablet or kindle.   Note that I do not email the newsletter as it is easily obtained from the website—same place all the time. 

Please contact me with questions and suggestions for improvement of our council communications program.


Thanks —PGK Ed Fairbairn, Webmaster & Communications Director –





Some may aware of a dispute between the company that runs UKNIGHT and Supreme council. Information on the lawsuit is available at the following site:    There  has been some incorrect information that UKNIGHT does not safeguard personal information.  This is not the case, as membership rosters (with name, and email link) are available on the “Members Only” site.  Also the roster I publish with additional information including home and email address, phone and spouses first name is further password protected, under the members only secure section.    If you would like a roster, you must contact me.            


Ed Fairbairn, PGK

Council Webmaster