Prayer Requests

Please include those identified below in your prayers. These prayer requests have been submitted by brother Knights.

Requests From Our Councils

From Council: 1990
Submitted on Saturday, January 12, 2019 for:
Family and Friends of Brother Knights

Brother Knight Marshall Gavin:
father-in-law of PGK Ben
Aranda, is bed bound due to the
effects of a brain tumor. Tumor is
slowly growing and surgery is not
an option.
George Chu, brother in law of
Brother Knight Ken Fogg, who is
still recovering from a stroke.
Fr. Christopher Deitz, OFM
Conv, former Minister Superior
of Fr. Peter’s Franciscan
community who is chronically ill
with an auto-immune disease
which has incapacitated him.
BK Stacy Gilcrest, who is
suffering from degenerative disk
George Klein, brother in law of
BK Nick Tesi, who is recovering
from brain surgery.
BK Brian Gardner, who is
recovering from knee surgery.
Suki Claxton, mother in law of
the daughter of BK Julian Moran,
who was recently diagnosed with
breast cancer.
Robert Brouwers, father of BK
Robert Brouwers, who is being
treated for vascular issues.
BK Warren Raymond Shogan,
who is suffering from the effects
of Parkinson’s Disease.
Philip Fernandes, father of PGK
Ranil Fernandes, who is recovering
from illness.
Maria Eleonora, mother in law of
BK Alan Baptista, who was
diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.
Laurie Munday, cousin of BK Bill
Munday, who is suffering from
terminal breast cancer.
PGK John Maloney, who is
recovering from hip surgery.
+Carole Ann Rojo, widow of PGK
Rey T. Rojo (+2016) and mother of
BK Rey M. Rojo, passed away
November 23. Funeral service was
held December 6th at Rice Mortuary.

From Council: 4953
Submitted on Thursday, January 10, 2019 for:

Chuck Ayash and Joanie Ayash are both in the Hospital, Chuck for a possible stroke & Joanie is recovering from back surgrery, they are in different Hospitals.

From Council: 15589
Submitted on Tuesday, January 8, 2019 for:
Suzie Forcina

On February 2nd Father Joshy will conduct a memorial service for Suzie. During her battle with cancer, knowing that prayers for her comfort were made, brought comfort to her and the family. I thank you for your continued support during this difficult period.

From Council: 13619
Submitted on Saturday, January 5, 2019 for:
Brother Joe Huerta

And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.
Matthew 21:22

Armed with this promise we come before His throne today on behalf of:
Our Brother Joe Huerta who has been sick and is fighting health issues.
Please pray for the mighty Physician to reach into Joe's life and heal him completely, back to 100%.

Please pray that Joe and Lupe and their entire family will feel the loving arms of our Savior as He holds them right during these trying times.
Our Brother and his family thank all the brothers for their dedication to each other in prayer.

God Bless Brother Joe and All our brothers.

Brother Buzz

From Council: 13619
Submitted on Saturday, January 5, 2019 for:
Sister in Christ - Melissa Holguin

Good morning fellow Brothers & Eucharistic Minister's ,

I want to share "part" ( sent to me at 12:02 this morning) of an e mail that Melissa sent me.
Please keep her and her family in your prayer's.
God Bless !!!!
Brother Richard

Hello Richard,

I have very sad news. My mother passed away this morning. She had been ill as you know but her death was not expected at this time. I would like to make arrangements for a funeral mass at our church I will be going into the church office on Monday. Will you please pray for the soul of my mother Martha and for me. Losing both my parents in 6 months almost to the day, just by one day, is very hard on me.
Thank you. God Bless
Melissa Holguin

From Council: 12489
Submitted on Saturday, January 5, 2019 for:
Brother Robert Reiter

Brother Bob is in the hospital with Bronchitis.

From Council: 13195
Submitted on Thursday, January 3, 2019 for:
Les Casazza

Past Grand Knight Les Casazza has suffered with several medical issues lately. Please keep our faithful Brother in our prayers and well wishes.

From Council: 5385
Submitted on Friday, December 21, 2018 for:
Glen Grand Knight La Purisima Councel 4922

Please keep Glen and his family in your daily prayers, His wife is currently in the Hospital with a life threatening situation, please pray that God blesses his family as they go through this rough time.

State Council Requests

There are no State Council Prayer Requests so far this month.