“While Veterans Day occurs before this newsletter is published, I wish to thank all our Veterans and their families as well as any of our service members such as Police, Fire, Hospital and too many to name them all—but, we give you all our thanks for your service.”
“Early Happy Thanksgiving and Continued Happy Fall Season to All!!

I just returned from the State Deputies Mid-Year Meeting. In spite of a crammed-filled weekend of new information, there were opportunities to experience some fraternal bonding among State Deputies and Supreme Staff, share ideas and leave inspired to move forward and finish strong this Fraternal Year!
Throughout the weekend there was continued emphasis of the Faith in Action Programs and about its importance on growing the order, strengthening parish community, involving families and that we all become stronger Catholic Role Models. It was an inspiring weekend. This State Deputy’s weekend coincided with the message we, State Officers, heard from Archbishop Sample at our annual luncheon with him a month ago. The topic of KofC Council relationships with Pastors was on the agenda. There was mutual understanding that a strong working relationship or foundation may not exist with every pastor. Brothers, it is obvious to me---it’s something we need to make happen NOW!! Now, here is the Archbishop’s message:
Clergy need to know we are there to support then, especially now. He referred to the Domestic Church Initiative as a great foundation and which has evolved to be our Faith in Action Programs. Some of his specific suggestions are these:

 How solid is the Council’s foundation with the Pastor? Even if you feel there is an existing and solid foundation, re-visit it. This could be done bi-monthly or quarterly, but don’t continue to take for granted that the foundation is completely solid.

 Someone from the Council needs to visit with the Pastor with the question: “How can we help you? How/what items on your full plate of duties can we help you with?”

 This may be the Grand Knight, another Council officer or someone who can serve as “contact” with the Pastor. It doesn’t have to be one of the Council elected officials.

 The approach NEEDS TO BE how can we help you? Do not begin your conversation with just the message that here are the Knight’s activities we want to do to help the parish.

Let’s reach out Brothers!! The message is loud and clear. The opportunity to develop the Faith in Action Programs is at our doorstep. We need to act NOW --- not next Calendar Year, not next Fiscal Year and not even next month. Why not this month?? Why??
What can you and your Council do with other groups in your parish to help revitalize the community atmosphere of your Parish? What can you and your Council do to invite other Catholic men to help be “Laborers for our Father’s Vineyards?”

Vivat Jesus
Francis Mohr, State Deputy