My Brother Knights,
A couple of weeks ago, the State Officers and our wives had the privilege to share lunch with Archbishop Sample. Our Membership and General Program Directors briefly related this Fraternal Year Action Plan Goals related to Growth of the Order. I briefly went over our new goal of Spiritual Growth Leadership and Personal Development and these two specific objectives are receiving attention at this time:
(1) the State Council is assisting with promotion of the 2nd Annual Catholic Men’s Conference, October 20-21st at the Festhalle in Mt. Angel and (2) PSD Robert Kish is involved with the Archdiocese “Catholic Men’s Formation Groups.”
Then it was the Archbishop’s turn to share Diocesan goals and his view points for the State KC Council. He was appreciative of our promotion with the Catholic Men’s Conference and the new Diocesan Family Life Program “Men’s Formation Groups.” He is aware of our involvement with helping to obtain signatures for the Initiative to Stop State Funding of Abortions, and he supports our efforts to do another “signature campaign” during the last two weeks of September. (I expect your parish will receive a letter from him shortly supporting this second campaign). I know Bishop Cary already has a letter ready for his priests in Baker Diocese.
Council Officers, you need to gear-up and be ready to go with this next signature campaign. If you don’t have the information or signature sheets, immediately contact our State Secretary, Ron Boyce, who is our State Coordinator with this Diocesan effort. We need this Initiative on the 2018 Ballot.
The Archbishop was not hesitant in extending a challenge: “You Knights are the best kept secret of the State. This is false humility. There is so much good you men do but who knows about it?”
My Brothers, we know, our Councils know and we may think our Parish knows…, but If other Catholic men in our Parish knew the “good” we do for those in need in the Parish or community --- don’t you think they also want to be a part of the Knights? They are believers of the same values we follow: Love the Lord and Love your neighbor as yourself. We all share the same common beliefs, values and probably desires. Why wouldn’t they want to join? Why? Have you reached out? Wouldn’t that parishioner also appreciate that same satisfaction you do when you know someone has benefited because of your efforts and the efforts of the fraternal organization you are belong to?? Have you asked him??

During our Membership Seminar at the Supreme Convention, Supreme Knight Carl Anderson summarized the need for Organizational Growth. He said “A large iceberg is heading our way. Its title is: Average Age of the Organization. Currently the average age of a Knight of Columbus is 60.8. Do we wait for the iceberg to hit or do we something? As followers of Father McGivney, why wouldn’t we want the organization to grow?” The average age of Oregon KC membership is 60.7.
For Fraternal Year 2017-2018, Oregon had a good start “out of the gate” July 1st. Thirty four Catholic Men said I want to be a “Laborer in My Father’s vineyards.” They heard the message: “In my Fathers vineyards there is much work to be done, but the laborers are few.” Our August membership dropped off. Was it the August heat? Was it because our Council doesn’t meet in August? Certainly the need for charity doesn’t stop in August.
We need to get serious and reach out. Currently fifteen Councils out of 91 did not bring in one new member during the past three years. Eight other Councils added one member in the past three years. My Brothers, I as well as you, probably realize those statistics did not slow down the iceberg! Let’s get serious about our membership! Meet with your Pastors. Let’s do a MAJOR promotional campaign in October. The Order needs your endeavor! Work to be done in the Father’s Vineyard is much; we need to help!

Vivat Jesus!
“In His Love”
Francis Mohr