Happy New Fraternal Year my Brothers and Families!
I know not everyone was able to attend our State Convention last April in Lebanon or our State Organizational Session in Klamath Falls a week ago. At the State Convention, there were ‘hints’ and some statements in the State of the State Address and from our Supreme guest that something was on the horizon. It can be called change, it can be called a revitalization of the basics that the Knights of Columbus Order was founded upon or it can be called a continuing evolution of the Domestic Church Initiative which was announced three years earlier by the Supreme Knight at the State Deputies Organizational Meeting in San Antonio. Our recent State Organizational Meeting further refined what had been in the makings ever since the Domestic Church Initiative was unveiled.
Our Strategic Action Plan reflects goals and objectives heading in that same direction:
Membership Growth: Utilize “Faith in Action” Programs/activities in recruitment options; One 1st Degree (scheduled and held) in every District every month; Utilize existing or new Round Tables to be an outward image of the Knights of Columbus in small parishes; Achieve more Star Councils
On-Line Membership/Young Adult Population Focus: Advertise Online Membership in Oregon; Identify a Young Adult Team to facilitate recruitment activities and activities that attracts younger Catholic men
Hispanic/Ethnic Membership Growth: Increase more of our ethnic member’s into leadership roles and its involvement; Develop and expand charitable activities performed by ethnic groups; Consider Round Tables as means to encourage more Hispanic Membership within Parishes; Eventually form separate councils or blend with existing councils.
Charitable Growth – Expanding our Charitable Footprint: Wheelchair Mission – Ongoing campaign to raise $15,000 for a container of 100 wheel chairs; Increase our Tootsie Roll Activity throughout the state to support local Special Olympics Chapters; Increase the use of Food for Families: Encourage participation or partner with parish/community groups; Increase Charitable Financial Donations and Volunteer hours from previous year (10%); Increase Council participation in submitting the 1728 form.
Establishing Strong Visible Activities through our Faith in Action Program Model: Promote retreats throughout the state; Promote more family involvement within the Council’s parish; Give Sacramental Gifts at Baptism, First Eucharist, Confirmation (baby feet pins, card and $3.00-$5.00 ice cream certificate); Start in early fall and promote our message that Advent is preparation for the Birth of the Lord; Utilize materials available with KCIC Program; Promote Supreme Chaplain’s “Monthly Challenge” provided monthly via e-mail from Supreme Office.


Training and Leadership Development: More utilization of Online Training Webinars for existing and newly elected State and Council Offices; Share list of webinars available
Starting this year, our State Service Programs will be under the umbrella of a new program model, titled “Faith in Action.” It became effective July 1st. It involves four major program areas, which are: Faith, Family, Community and Life. It includes activities we all have been doing along with some emphasized activities which Supreme is calling “featured activities.” It is obvious that the emphasis is toward activities that encourage family involvement, that attract younger age Catholic men, that encourage other ethnic families in our parish and activities that promote spiritual growth of the Order. The model is a strong call to action. I complement our Program Directors who edited our existing activity reporting forms so that activities identified in the Faith in Action model also equate to the higher points. I appreciate the interest of our State Officers to move along now. We will continue to track council activities with our on-line reporting system. Our Program Awarding System will reflect the same.
I’m excited about the changes and/or evolvement that have occurred during the past three years and are now at our doorstep. This is why we are not waiting to alter our Activity Reporting and Award System an-other year. This alteration may strike a few as too soon. Why? What are you waiting for? The time is now. The same is for every Council. The time is now!! What are you waiting for? There are Councils that have not brought in a new member within the past three to four years. Councils that say I can never reach my quota so why bother recruiting, Councils that say all eligible Catholic men in our parish that want to be Knights are Knights; others are not interested. My Brothers, these excuses or whatever are not new to my ears and are not part of my vocabulary. These Councils need to evaluate why they are a Council. Have they forgotten the roots of our Order? Did they forget about a priest with a few men in the base-ment of St. Mary’s Church in New Haven asking “Will you help me”? Will you help the widow and children of our Parish? Will you help the poor in our Parish and community”? Will you be the “Right Arm of the Church”?
My Brothers!! What are you waiting for?? There is a great new Faith in Action Model in front of us. What activities can you do to revitalize your Council? What activities can you promote with other groups in your parish or with your Pastor and revitalize the community atmosphere of your Parish? What are you waiting for? What activities can be done to invite other Catholic men to help be the “Laborers for our Fa-ther’s Vineyards?” We can all be better Catholic men. We can all be the role model to help evangelize the virtues of our Order and the Values of our Catholic Faith. It’s a new, exciting Fraternal Year! Let’s all promote this great treasure called “The Knights of Columbus”. It can’t die!! Will you help? Will you help the Order grow in Oregon? Will you help?
Vivat Jesus
Francis Mohr
Oregon State Deputy
Ph: Home—541-523-6245
Ph: Cell—541-519-6606
“Come Holy Spirit”


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