State Deputy Report February 2018

The mere mention of Lent can sometimes seem dismal, like a long, dreary day. Lent consists, in fact, of 40 days and 40 nights of prayer, fasting and almsgiving. Who can endure it?

Yet the word “Lent” does not pertain to darkness or despair. Quite the opposite. The original meaning of the word must do with springtime. When Lent begins, it’s winter. But by the time Lent concludes, the days are growing longer and the forsythias are in bloom. Even if there is an unseasonal snow shower, we take heart knowing that winter is having its last gasp.

Lent, then, represents a new springtime in our spiritual lives. It’s a time when the darkness of sin gives way to a new light of grace.

This is the same way we should feel about offering membership to all Catholic men into the Knights of Columbus. We are coming out of our winter and should be in full swing with all our charitable programs, be it fish fry or simple supper after stations of the cross every Friday during lent. Youth Free Throw Championships, 40 cans for Lent and RCIA. All great recruiting opportunities, don’t let them go to waste!

The time is now to make a huge membership push to bring in new souls to Knights of Columbus for the second half of the Fraternal year!

We have a new council coming to the Cathedral of Saint Andrew of Little Rock! This is a crucial step in continuing our work to have a KofC Council at every parish in Arkansas. Also, we are working on college council at ATU Russellville and UCA Conway!

Have we asked every Catholic Man in Arkansas to join the Knights this year? If not, it is time to get busy! See we owe it to them, we know all the fraternal benefits we have by being members of the Knights of Columbus, other men don’t know unless we show them!

Also, it is time to put fund raising for the Save the Storks Bus into full swing. Please send checks to WSS Roy Anderle so we can track our progress in the upcoming months!



Vivat Jesus


Philip A. Savage

State Deputy