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General Agent Ryan Lister talks with Kevin Nelson about Knights of Columbus insurance at the 135th Supreme Convention.
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Who are the Knights of Columbus?

Inspirational message from the Knights of Columbus.
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Be the Difference

Knights of Columbus are men of service, seeking to help people in need by means of material aid and Christian charity. Can you be the difference in others' lives as a Knight?
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Explore the charity work the Knights of Columbus do.
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Father McGivney & The Knights of Columbus

Father McGivney was a parish priest ahead of his time, who defended those on the margins and founded a charitable movement that mobilized millions of men. The Knights of Columbus became the largest Catholic fraternal organization. Now Father McGivney is on the path to sainthood.
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#MyKofC: Answering a Higher Call

What does the Knights of Columbus mean to you? For Rowland and Gerard, being members of their council is the answer to a higher calling. As knights, they are making a commitment to grow in their faith and serve God through serving others.
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#MyKofC: A Place to Share My Faith

What does the Knights of Columbus mean to you? For Scott and David, being a member of a KofC council has helped them find a place to share their and find support as they navigate what being a Catholic man is in today's world.
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#MyKofC: Become The Man You Want To Be

What does the Knights of Columbus mean to you? For Christopher and Michael, being knights means they have a way to dedicate themselves to service among other men who share their love of the Catholic faith.
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