Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, High Integrity

“I have had the pleasure of Daniel's assistance in a variety of circumstances from Personal Insurance, to managing a team. Daniel is a go-to guy if you want something done right the first time, on time. He carries a natural ethical practice in everything he does. He is truly on the side of the angels.” December 13, 2011

Deacon Paul Nelson

“Daniel is a manager who is honest, fair, and works to let his people succeed. He is a man of princples with high intregrity. He is a good boss to work with.” December 13, 2011

Field Agent Greg Orr

“I highly recommend Daniel for your Insurance needs. Daniel is a very professional and trustworthy person to do business with. His dedication to you and your family, and his experience and knowledge coupled with his care and attention to detail will ensure that he always provides the right service at the right time.”
District Deputy Tony Fitton

“Dan has rendered my wife and I great advice over the years regarding our life insurance and financial planning. He has been professional and very knowledgeable, and provided us with a great insurance program at a great value. My wife and I appreciate his help very much.” December 16, 2011

Brother Knight Warren Yemm

“Daniel is a colleague I have come to highly respect. He masterfully combines a stoic sense of duty and quality with a spontaneous sense of compassion and humor. He demonstrates his love for his faith and is family, and earns the trust of friends, clients, and colleagues through his example. Shortly after meeting Daniel as a Field Agent, he earned the promotion and added responsibility of a General Agent; he is the type of leader that anyone would want to join and learn from! Brother Knights, of Tennessee, you are in good hands. If you are looking for a career change, I strongly encourage you to consider a future working for the Knights under the leadership of the Schachle Agency!”
Field Agent Jeremy Radford