Tim is very knowledgeable, concerned and helpful as well as easy to get along with. His visit is always very informative and helpful. My wife and always enjoy his visit. Keep up the good work!
Melvin Balbo, Council #5332

Tim is the most concerned and compassionate individual I have ever met. As an Knight's Insurance Agent, he is extremely knowledgeable and has only the best interest of his Brother Knights and their families at heart. He is credit to his agency and to the Knights of Columbus. A true Brother and friend.
Thomas Curling, Council #5332

I found Tim Mayer to be extremely knowledgeable in all areas of overall financial planning. His recent consultations have been very helpful with my retirement planning. Beside his critical experience level he is a pleasure to work with.
Ron Jensen, Council #5332

I have been with K of C insurance for over 45 years and by far this was one of the best experiences. Tim was really interested in explaining. I would highly recommend him.
John Schortemeyer, Council #16793

Tim mayer provides extraordinary service based on his extensive knowledge of services provided. I would recommend him highly to others my
Daniel Shamenek, Council #5332

Very thorough:
Tim is very thorough and keeps us up to date with our financial needs. He regularly reviews our insurance needs and advises us.
Michael Boehm, Council #5332

Long Term Health Care:
Tim spelled out all my options in a very professional and stress free environment, for long term health care. Was able to answer all questions concerning insurance options to my wife and I.
Patrick Hogan, Council #5332

We are grateful to have Tim as our agent. Tim is always low key, is never pushy, and gives sound advice.
Michael Moore, Council #5332

Always a pleasure to talk to Tim and he always has great information. He really knows his business and glad he is my agent.
Bill B, Council #16793

Tim is a very compassionate, capable professional, very skilled and knowledgeable in all financial matters.
Juan Fernandez, Council #5332

Insurance planning:
Tim does an excellent job of serving his brother knight's and giving honest advice to help brothers plan for not only the worst but to be proactive about the legacy and gift you're leaving for your family.
Paul Reynolds, Council #5332

Tim always provides an objective and family oriented view of financial options. I count on Tim's yearly review to ensure we're headed on the right path.
Will Humphries, Council #5332

This gets to be monotonous, as year after year Tim Mayer provides thorough, personal, expert support to our family. He is the epitome of what an insurance agent should be, and in particular, always meets the high standards for service, attention to detail and dedication set by the Knights of Columbus for their agents. Thanks to Tim and his assistant!!
Tom Mehr, Council #5332

Very professional, knowledgeable and pleasant. To the point and don't not pushy. I dont know what else to say, but i need to use more characters, so I wrote this.
Dave Riley, Council #5332

Tim has professionally answered my questions related to K of C annuity investment benefits and appreciate his advise toward retirement. Thanks for a job well done.
Bill Whelan, Council #16793

Insurance benefits:
Tim is a consummate professional and is very knowledgeable of his job. I feel comfortable talking to him about my insurance needs.
Esmedarius Alegrado, Council #5332

Take advantage of this excellent service! Everyone needs to prepare for retirement or an unexpected event. Tim provides excellent advice and guidance to help you make tough decisions. God Bless!
Dean W., Council #5332

Tim was very sympathetic and passion to me when John passed away. He came to the house and went over things with me and family where we understood and knew where we stood. He was not pushy nor pressured us at all. I just hate the reason he had to come. God Bless You
Beverly Stefko, Council #5332

Excellent Service:
Tim is always very conscientious and helpful. He strives to show each person where they stand and various avenues they can take to secure their future
Mary Margaret Allegro, Council #5332

Brother Tim, Thanks for the updates on my policy and also for the options that I may consider taking on the our next meeting.
Ramon Eclavea, Council #5332

Dear Tim, Thank you so much to coming to my house to let me know everything about the different options that I can choose. It was a pleasure to meet you.
Agustin Garcia, Council #5332

Always a great opportunity to speak with Tim. He takes the time to give you a well thought opinion without pressuring you. His new office also creates a great atmosphere for meeting with him.
Tim Rackowski, Council #5332

Tim is always straight forward and professional. Never a hard sell. He offers you his knowledge and experience without any pressure. He has a calm and business like manner.
Jack Southard, Council #5332

Very beneficial information:
My wife and I were both very pleased and impressed with Mr. Mayer's presentation and plan to take advantage of several of the proposals that he outlined to benefit us.
Merle Jacobsen, Council #16793

No pressure - only good information:
Tim has never once put pressure on me to purchase any insurance. He has provided me with the requested information and explained to me how it may or may not benefit me. Every Knight should have insurance and those under the "care" of Tim are in good hands. May I suggest that you call him...for you and your family.
George A, Council #12963

Our meeting with Tim was excellent. Tim's knowledge of Knights insurance products was excellent. We're thankful for agents like Tim who are helpful and supportive of our insurance needs.
Ed R, Council #12963

Superb analysis and sound financial advice:
Tim makes it easy to arrange a meeting and once their he does a comprehensive review ....before we started any discussion. He was genuinely interested in getting to know us a family and fellow Knight. Being a Knight for over 20 years, Tim ranks at the top of list for providing outstanding service. I am recommending him to my two sons!!
Dennis C, Council #16793

Knowledgeable and Client Focused:
I had the pleasure to speak with Tim for about an hour, going over our family's situation and current insurance standing. Tim took the time to explain where I was with my policy, and what I could expect in the future. You can tell he was well prepared for our meeting, was committed to ensuring my family was well covered with our insurance, and made sure I understood my situation. I look forward to working with Tim in the future.
Chris Peden, Council #5332

Tim is the most professional and caring insurance professional with whom I have dealt. His genuinely concerned about his clients making good decision that benefit them over and above his own interests. He is truly a model for all agents and exemplifies the values of Charity, Unity and Fraternity.
Thomas Curling, Council #5332

A very informative and helpful agent:
I'm so relieved that my husband became a member of the Knights of Columbus and bought our life insurance through the Knights. Tim Mayer has been our agent for the past 6 years and has been there for us for all of our needs. My husband just passed away and Tim helped me through a very tough time. He was very kind and sympathetic and needed a lot of patience to help me through the insurance issues. I thank God he was there for me. I would recommend him to everyone!
Marian Lomis, Council #5332

Financial Planning:
Awesome. He devoted his time explaining the best way to plan for the future. Superb job, Mr. Tim Mayer.
R.C., Council #5332

Mr. Mayer is very professional an explanatory in detail of what the Knight of Columbus offered to his members.
Manny Rodriguez, Council #16793

It was quite professional and informative. Mr. Mayer was very detailed, he informed us what his company offered and the difference between other companies.
Michael Marshall, Council #5332

Education, Service not Sales:
Tim took time to understand our situation, review options, and suggest reasonable courses of action. He also referred us to experts in areas outside his own domain knowledge. The exercise was incredibly valuable, the outcomes will be beneficial, and the relationship will be long lasting. A true blessing.

Tadd Wilson, Council #16793

Tim is the most knowledgeable and pleasant I have worked with in a long time. Tim takes his time to explain every detail in words that are easy to understand. His probing is thorough without being intrusive. He takes his time to work with you and makes you comfortable during discussions. I can recommend Tim with the highest confidence.
Thomas Curling, Council #5332

My wife and I enjoy reviews by Tim. We appreciate his knowledge of the subjects and his demeanor. We recommend him highly.

Michael Moore, Council #5332

Extremely knowledgeable & genuine:
Tim's knowledge and professional approaches to my wife and myself in planning for our future are to be commended. He went out of his way to accommodate our meeting times and getting the information needed.
Larry Stangl, Council #5332

Tim was available on time, very knowledgeable, and through on all our family policies, along with suggestions for the future. I please to do business with.
Dave Riley, Council #5332

very knowledgeable:
it was nice to talk to a real professional who could put things in terms i could understand and relate to...he opened unknown (to me) options i could use for my situation....many thanks
J.F., Council #5332

Retirement Review: Tim did a great job going over all of my assets and retirement accounts. He talk plainly and clearly to my wife and me explaining the different options for our retirement plans.
Lou Stielper, Council #5332

Excellent Agent:
After being in the Knights of Columbus for over fifty years Tim is one of the friendliest and most professional Agents I have had the pleasure to work with. He is definitely a great asset to the insurance agency.
Lawrence Baer, Council #5332

Great Agent:
Tim has such a pleasant personality that it makes it very easy to ask questions. It is his understanding that makes planning reasonable. I value his opinion and look forward to doing business with him in the future.
John Oliver, Council #5332

Tim gives me good ideas. I plan to pursue his suggestions and continue discussion for other retirement considerations.
John Holohan, Council #5332

Thank you very much for all of your help. Your knowledge is invaluable to me and my family. You explain everything in very understandable terms, no matter how complicated the subject may be.
M. J., Council #12963

Returns calls promptly, always seems to have information on hand and gives sound advice. Thanks for all your help over the years.
Tim R., Council #5332

Excellent !!!
We are so grateful for your visit and informative information for our future! Appreciate you coming over to our home at a time that was convenient for both of us! Looking forward to seeing you in May:) God Bless and thank you ever so much! Larry and Jo Stangl
Larry Stangl, Council #5332

Tim provides excellent service. Time is very knowlegeable in various financial matters (insurance, financial planning, etc.) I would recommend him to others.
Daniel Shamenek, Council #5332

Just good and helpful:
Tim knows his business and offered to do more planning when we visit his new office in late April. Knowledgeable, professional and just a really good insurance man.
Bob Mechler, Council #5332

Good Experience and Help: Mr. Mayer met with my wife and I, and did a thorough job of going over our practical needs, both current and future, and gave us helpful advice. We also received a detailed explanation of retirement options, and look forward to receiving further help from him as needs arise.
Louis Sheffield, Council #5332

Excellent: As always, our meeting with Tim was informative and pleasant. He presented us with all of the data and spoke about our options and the future. He's professional, helpful, and quite knowledgeable. We're grateful that we have the opportunity to work with him.
Victor A., Council #5332

pleasant meeting with Tim regarding 401 (k) plan:
I needed advice on how to handle distributions from a 401 (k) plan, and Tim did a great job of explaining my options. I took his advice, and I was very satisfied with the overall process. Tim did not put any pressure on me to make a quick decision, rather he calmly presented all of the information that I needed to make an informed decision.
Edward W., Council #5332

Had a very pleasant visit with Tim. He gave us important information about our policies and did not pressure us to buy anything.
Craig Flanagan, Council #5332

Always good to see Tim:
Tim always shows the highest level of professionalism. Knowledgeable, prepared, sincere. Makes what can be complicated topic understandable.
Tom B, Council #5332

Thanks Tim:
Tim showed the highest level of professionalism. I truly appreciate the Knights of Columbus with the talent and expertise of their employees. No matter the situation Tim will try to find the best solution to resolve the matter. Francis G. Hall
Greg Hall, Council #5332

Tim as always provided a thorough review of our policies and informed us of options and alternatives. Appreciate the knowledgeable information!
KC Cavallaro, Council #12963

Insurance for Kids:
He is an amazing person with a vast amount of knowledge with a lending hand.
Patrick Hogan, Council #5332

Very pleased to have Tim as our agent. Tim was very professional and took time to explain thoroughly the programs and options available to us. He is a great adviser and friend.
Matthew K., Council #5332

Wonderful agent! Always pleasant, professional extremely prompt. Always willing to research information if needed. Found him very helpful. Wonderful job.
Tim R., Council #5332

Great guy! Very knowledgeable, not a hard sell. Great guy. Recommended. Happy to have him as a resource for the Knights.
Jim Griffin, Council #5332

Flexible Premium Annuity: We purchased an annuity from Tim Mayer.... He was kind enough to visit us again to explain its guaranteed principal, no maintenance fees, healthy interest rate, and deferred taxes to ensure that I understood the benefits as well as the management of the annuity. We found Tim to be very approachable and quite trustworthy. We are happy with the Annuity and with his handling of our business.
John Oliver, Council #5332

Life insurance: The whole process has been informative and simple. The way I like it. Mr. Mayer has made this a pleasant experience.
K.O., Council #5332

Outstanding Service:
Tim is a very caring, trustworthy, advisor that has consistently provided me and my family with outstanding support.
Matthew K., Council #5332

Tim Mayer arrived for our appointment at 6pm on the dot which was greatly appreciated! He has a great interest in his work and ensures that his clients are only doing what is best for them.
T. R

K of C Life Insurance Policy Review:
Mr. Mayer was very knowledgeable and helpful in helping us obtain a policy for my wife which is a single premium life payable at death.
David Spellman, Council #5332

Excellent Service for Death Benefit Claim:
Tim Mayer provided excellent assistance in facilitating the death benefit claim for my Father. He made the process as painless as possible during this difficult time. His professionalism, courtesy, and kindness were greatly appreciated.
Susan, Council #1825

K of C Life Insurance Policy Review:
Timothy was very helpful in explaining options to convert future expiring K of C Life Insurance term policies to whole life policies. The latter could also provide long term care coverage. In addition, he covered annuities and other topics during our recent policy review.
John Nagurny, Council #5332

Takes the Initiative:
Tim's a huge help in helping me plan for my family's financial security. His recent initiatives have just helped us again from an insurance perspective and in routing us to information on wills and trusts. That filled a gap in our plans for the future.
Gerard U, Council #5332

Timothy was very knowledgeable with the K of C Insurance matters. He was helpful in explaining one of the policies we had a loan on. He also was able to write a policy for my wife that will give us the money we need to provide for a funeral when that time comes.
David Spellman, Council #5332

Annual Review:
Timothy, as usual, did an outstanding job of informing my wife and I of our options. Since we are both retired, he advised us of our investment options. Of all the Agents over the years with K of C Insurance, he is by far the most outstanding.
Sam Nealey, Council #5332

Excellent service:
Timothy went out of his was to assist us in our insurance matters. He helped is in getting our monthly annuity payments and in filling out the change of beneficiary forms. He makes sure to visit us each year to see if there is anything we need as far as insurance matters.
Cecil Robbins, Council #5332

My field agent:
I've dealt with him there a number of times he is very professional as well as a stand-up guy. I would recommend him to anybody MTG insurance
Robert Mayville, Council #5332

Tim Mayer and I have spoken on a number of occasions, and he has become a valued advisor and friend. Tim is an honest, good hearted, patient person, and I totally appreciate his time and advice. I would recommend Tim to anyone. Thanks Tim.
Noel Murphy, Council #5332

As always, Tim provided me with updated info and ideas for me to increase the funds in my portfolio. A pleasure to work with and he is willing to come to my home. I am fortunate to have him representing my needs.
Patricia Marino, Council #12963

Insurance Coverage:
Very professional in his approach to providing valuable information in my preparation for retirement and life insurance policy.
Patrick Hogan, Council #5332

Top notch:
Tim is a Catholic gentleman that knows his stuff. He takes the time to explain things and takes the time to get to know his clients. He is not only knowledgable but also caring. He is flexible in accommodating my schedule and has called me just to find out how I was doing. A truly class guy
Charles Bonuccelli, Council #5332

Great help to us:
Tim, has been giving us very valuable advice on planning for our future financial picture. We are very glad to have him assisting us.
Bill Cira, Council #5332

An incredibly proficient and brotherly agent!
Tim art is listening. He is a wonderful Brother Knight, knowledgeable, caring and compassionate. Please take the time to see him and allow him to assist you with any of your financial needs.
Juan Fernandez, Council #5332

Excellent Agent:
Tim is a wonderful Brother Knight and Insurance agent. He is prompt, helpful, courteous, knowledgeable, insightful, and all the other characteristics that make up a great agent as well a Brother Knight. Take the time to set up an appointment with him to see what the Knights of Columbus has to offer on life insurance, annuities, disability insurance, and long-term care.
Jerry Partsch, Council #5332

Exceptional Professional Advice and Service:
Tim Mayer offers exceptional insurance advice and service. He provides timely advice on all phases of life insurance and financial planning to meet your needs at various life stages. I highly recommend Tim as one who is knowledgeable and makes your interests his number one goal.
Paul D, Council #12963

Retirement Planning:
Tim is outstanding! He had the patience to teach us and work with us through many options in retirement planning. He answered all questions and found answers and sought clarity for items he could not answer securely and soundly. It 's a pleasure working with Tim and a big thanks!
KC Cavallaro, Council #12963

Financial Advice:
He gave a thorough presentation on my retirement insurance options. Very helpful to me. He made suggestions I had not thought about before.
M.J., Council #12963

Living Trust:
Tim always makes time to answer any of our questions. He is very knowledgeable and therefore, we get very good answers and he always makes time for us. It is a pleasure to deal with him and know that we can always count on him. He is very much appreciated.
Melvin Balbo, Council #5332

Excellent Service:
There's nothing negative one can say about Bro. Tim. He comes fully prepared on anything you may need to know, things you may need to do, etc. And he is always on time when he comes to meet you. He is so very helpful and has great suggestions to work on. Great Job my brother. I give you 5 stars out of 5.
R.C., Council #5332

thorough and responsive:
Tim is knowledgeable, thorough and responsive. He is always available and cognizant of finding the right plan for your needs and budget. A great agent.
Kevin Callen, Council #5332

retirement help:
Did a great job for us presenting many options for continued funding for our retirement. Always available for questions and answers, even if it involved more research and work time for him. Thank again Tim.
T.R., Council #5332

Annual Update:
Tim gave us a very good annual update on all our policies and accounts. He also gave us a lot of good advice on both insurance and investments. We value Tim's information and his assistance.
Bill Cira, Council #5332

Change in policy:
Tim is great at what he does. Makes the process easy. He worked for the sale but his presentation did the trick, Thank you Tim

T.B., Council #5332

Superior service:
Tim is a consummate professional; arrives on time, very well organized/prepared & always delivers exceptional service. He has my complete trust for helping secure a safe/solid future for my family.
John Long, Council #12963

insurance review:
Very professional and informative giving me ideas for investing. I especially like the what ifs he talked about.
John Holohan, Council #5332

Annuity purchase:
Tim's exceptional presentation covering the advantages of a Knights of Columbus annuity investment convinced me to move funds from a typical bank savings account to my new K of C annuity contract. Thank you Tim for focusing on my best interests.
Frank Francisco, Council #5332

Tim is great!
Tim provides great customer service. He is very knowledgeable and professional. He explained the benefits of term and whole life insurance to my wife and I in a way that we could understand. I look forward to working with Tim in the future and I highly recommend him for anyone looking for a life insurance agent.
Brandon Smith, Council #12963

Great service and excellent products:
When you think about the fact that your insurance agent will be assisting your family in the event of your death it makes you think about what type of person you can trust with that responsibility. There is no better person, in my opinion, than a Knights of Columbus Field Agent and I trust Tim completely. He is knowledgeable, provides excellent service and has some of the best products in the industry. I highly recommend you take the time to speak to him.
David Ciaverella, Council #5332

Good man...great service:
Tim is a very knowledgeable insurance agent who can explain insurance in a simple straightforward way. He makes thoughtful recommendations but never pushes you to act. He follows through and my wife and I are very comfortable with him. He is a good man and we recommend him to anyone.
Bob Mechler, Council #5332

Best care and Customer experience:
Knowing the industry as well as Tim does is great, the way he takes care of people is even better! Great job and thank you, very much for all your care and attention to my father and family during a difficult time. Highly recommended and trusted!
Matthew D, Council #5332

Tim Mayer is awesome:
Being a business man, and deal with a multitude of people in many different ways, it was a great pleasure to sit with Tim for 2 hours to discuss, review and plan the financial future and safety of myself and my family. I completely trust and value Tim's advice and input in my financial planning. Thank you brother Tim!
Noel Murphy, Council #5332

Engaging and professional:
Tim was on time and very professional in his demeanor. He was able to get us to relax right away and quickly assessed the situation. He came up with several options available. I will look forward to working with him in the future.
Charles S, Council #5332

Great service:
Tim is wonderful. He always goes the extra mile to take care of us, even when the insurance companies get in the way. He has great follow through and I've got confidence that he always works very hard to make certain that we get the best deal out there. I'd highly recommend him to anyone.
T.R., Council #5332

Great Agent:
Tim made me feel valued and didn't push me to sign. He took his time to go over the Knights' offers. I will definitely recommend Tim
Idriss F Tankeu, Council #5332

Professional & Friendly:
Tim was very professional and low pressure, and also took the time to explain my life insurance options and benefits. I know Tim will be there whenever I have other insurance or financial needs.
Ray Wilcoski, Council #5332

Comprehensive review of insurance/financial products:
Timothy reviewed all products that are offered by KofC, and emphasized those products that would be beneficial to my financial needs. Timothy is very knowledgeable and professional.
Matt Driscoll, Council #5332

Great review:
Tim came over to go over our current situation provided his observations and an overview of what the Knights can offer. Very relaxed and no push to sign up for anything.
Joe Duda, Council #5332

Well informed, organized and eager to help:
Tim is a very good at what he does; he respectfully answers all your questions without being overbearing or forceful. I would gladly recommend him to any fellow Knight seeking guidance and sound advice.
John L, Council #12963

Long Term Care and Annuity meetings:
Tim is very cordial, knowledgeable and open during our discussions about coverage and considerations for our retirement planning. He takes time to explain things in detail and makes sure we understand all the options and possibilities. Which means he is very patient in helping us and providing guidance to best match our needs. I would recommend to all my Brother Knights meeting with Tim for your insurance needs.
KC Cavallaro, Council #12963

Helpful and easy to work with!
Tim has helped me with my own life insurance needs for years. After recently getting married, I needed to review the needs of our new family and make some changes. Tim was prepared and very helpful with everything as we walked through our future plans. It was my new wife's first experience with the Knights and with Tim, and she found it surprisingly peaceful and easy to discuss some hard questions about the future. Tim is a great resource, and we are glad to know him!
R.R., Council #5332

Life Insurance and Annuity Review:
We always look forward to our meeting with Tim. It is always cordial and very pleasant. Tim Mayer comes very well prepared to explain everything for both policies. We always have questions and Tim always has the answers. He provides very excellent advice which we follow as much as possible. It is a pleasure to have him both as a friend and well informed professional.
Melvin Balbo, Council #5332

Tim is a great agent. It is a pleasure to have him handle our insurance. He is professional and kind. Just a terrific all around guy.
Bryan Hall, Council #5332

Excellent Agent:
Brother Tim hasn't failed me. He is true to his words He explains thoroughly what you need to know about your coverage. Of the two meetings we had, both times he was on time. He is frank, honest, very professional.
R.C., Council #5332

Annuity values:
Tim Mayer was timely, efficient, prepared, informative, knowledgeable. This is my third meeting with Tim and he is an excellent agent and represents the insurance in the KofC very well. If you want an excellent meeting with an insurance agent Tim is your man.
Lawrence Baer, Council #5332

On Time Agent:
Tim was both professional and personable. He did not try to pressure sell the insurance products, which makes me more inclined to do future business with him. He took time to understand my current and future insurance needs. I strongly recommend him as a knowledgeable agent.
Mark G, Council #12963

Awesome Agent:
Just what you would want in an insurance agent. Friendly, agreeable, gets to know you and what you need. Does not push a bunch of programs you do not need and even willing to steer you away from what you don't need into something better suited for you. Glad to have someone like him I can trust with these issues! I highly recommend Tim as an insurance agent.
Scott Webb, Council #5332

Another helpful visit:
Tim communicates in a very honest, straighforward manner. He comes prepared and is well informed. And - he listens and is observant. I've been pleased to consider his thoughts and recommendations of things to think about as retirement days come close. I think Tim is a good person to have on my side going forward.
Joel F, Council #5332

Periodic Review:
Tim went over all our products with the KofC, We discussed everything relative to the products and our finances, Tim made some suggestions to improve our financial situation.
Russ C, Council #5332

Annual personal goal session:
Tim is honest and is extremely patient in developing a financial plan. I have some options to explore.
John Holohan, Council #5332

Recent visit:
I have found Tim to be a very dedicated agent whose primary concern is for the welfare of his client. He openly discusses the important issues and provides food for thought as I move into my decision to retire. He has offered me alternatives to preserving my retirement savings and has provided me with a book explaining the future of taxation on retirement income. I have come to trust Tim and am enthusiastic about reviewing my alternatives. He has encouraged me to seek other opinions.
Thomas Curling, Council #5332

Awesome Agent:
He is great. He knows a lot about his work and is more interested in you as a person than "making" a sale. He is honest and reliable. I would always recommend him.
John Robert Di Vietri, Council #5332

We have been very pleased with the service we have received from Timothy Mayer over the years. He is well informed and helpful. He responds quickly to requests for information. My wife and I recommend him highly to my brother Knights.
SL Higginbottom, Council #5332

Knowledgeable and Trustworthy:
Tim exhibits all of the qualities that we expect from a well qualified agent, along with the honor code that is only found with the Knights of Columbus. It is always a pleasure to work with Tim, and his customer service is outstanding. Thank you for being an agent that we can truly count on!
M.S., Council #5332

caring, knowledgeable agent:
Tim has been helping me with my insurance policies during a difficult time.. He has come to my home and offered advice on various aspects of my finances. I highly recommend Tim as an insurance agent, who is very comfortable in the business.
Patricia Marino, Council #12963

Dedicated service:
Tim provides an objective, faith based approach to family finance. Truely a refreshing and comfortable atmosphere to plan for your family future.
Will Humphries, Council #5332

Well explained benefits:
Thanks for the helped in including my wife. It's a great relief for us having her included. Job well done!
Ramon Eclavea, Council #5332

Annual Review of Policies:
As usual, Timothy was very punctual and very professional. He covered several options for my wife & I to consider. Explained several items that we were concerned about. I would recommend Timothy at the highest levels. Makes you feel like he really has your best interest at heart.
John Nealey, Council #5332

excellent agent:
He knows his insurance products very well. He is very helpful ,trustworthy and honest. I would recommend him very highly to friends that are brother Knights .
Don Lomis, Council #5332

Great Financial Review:
I echo several other good reviews of Tim Mayer. I originally thought I did not need an insurance review since I had one 4 years ago but after meeting with him I realized that a lot had changed. He is knowledgeable and informative. A co-worker of mine died unexpectedly. While we tend to put off insurance every now and then we should be reminded of how to protect our family in the absence of a parent. Tim and the KofC can do that.
Paul H, Council #5332

Overall financial review of both my KofC and other assets:
Tim Mayer provided me an excellent review of my KofC assets and related programs. He also provided me with outstanding information of options to reduce future taxes on my KofC assets as well as my other financial assets. He was very knowledgeable, thorough, friendly and honest. I was very pleased that I had the productive session with Tim. I recommend others take that same opportunity. He made no sales pitch, just provided meaningful and useful information and answered any questions Don G.
Donald Geisler, Council #5332

Timothy is excellent:
We enjoy working with Tim Mayer very much. He is very kind, but most of all he listens. He does not push. He listens, presents options and lets us do our own choosing.
Veronica Cullen (wife of Barry Cullen), Council #5332

Tim is an all around fine man. His advice is always sound and when he visits I feel his is genuinely interested in me and the welfare of my family. It is always a pleasure when Tim shows up at the door.
Thomas Curling, Council #5332

My husband and I met Tim a few months ago. He came to our home to introduce himself and to explain and suggest ways to improve our accounts and insurance. He was so helpful when my husband passed , visiting me and helping me sort out matters that pertained to insurance. He is a very kind, thoughtful man and very reassuring in my time of need. I feel blessed that the K of C offer this service to the members and their families.
Patricia Marino, Council #12963

Retired Army Officer, Government Contractor:
Tim arrived on time for our appointment and was well prepared in helping me with insurance policies for 2 young boys. He was also helpful in converting an annuity for me. He also had some great ideas on saving for the future for my kids.
Roy Eichler, Council #12963

presents all options:
Listens well & offers options to best meet our needs. Grateful for his time & effort. A genuinely nice guy with valuable insight for planning our future needs.
S.B., Council #5332

Excellent in Service:
Tim provides a service that is next to none. From personality to knowledge base, you WILL recognize you have found the right person to help with your insurance needs.
Greg A, Council #5332

Updated review of our K of C policies with Tim Mayer:
Tim arrived at our home at the appointed hour and we were very happy with our experience. Tim had reviewed our policies before the visit, gave us his full attention and was able to guide us to a better understanding of what we had in our line of insurance. He emphasized the importance of the policies we carried, both whole life, term, and long term health care. We feel confident we are in good hands.
John Marino, Council #12963

Introductory meeting:
Tim spent a good deal of time reviewing our current policies and explaining options for now and in the future. He was thorough and patient as we asked tons of questions. Very nice experience, he seems to be very knowledgeable and we look forward to meeting with him again.
KC Cavallaro, Council #12963

goes the extra mile:
Tim is an expert on insurance and clearly explains what can be a confusing process. He is also quite flexible for scheduling appointments.
Kevin Lewicki, Council #5332

Great Representative:
Very personal able and helpful. Rare to find a salesman that is looking out for my best needs. Highly recommended.
Joseph Dobes, Council #5332

Tim was terrific, he was low key, very informative and presented several programs and altrnatives in an easy understandable manner. He reviewed his briefing and ensured that he was available at any time to help or answer questions. A real professional.
Ronald Burns, Council #5332

Tim was very helpful, informative and knowledgeable during our recent benefits review. In addition to the review we discussed long term care and Tim was able to make a very complex topic understandable. There are few people I would trust with my family's welfare in the event of my death but Tim is one of them.
David Ciaverella, Council #5332

I needed insurance and Tim came through with a great plan to help protect my family's future when I am gone. God bless Tim and his family!
Michael Messier, Council #5332

Tim Mayer did an outstanding job during my initial KoC indoctrination briefing. He was extremely knowledgable, courteous, professional and helpful.
J.L., Council #12963

Tim is very professional. Always gives honest straightforward information. A great asset to the Kof C insurance team. I've had insurance w the K of C since 1992. Grab I have had it. Very solid investment tool for a young person.
Sam Fullerton, Council #5332

Tim is an excellent field agent. His low key, to the point presentation is a pleasure to work with. He is very knowledgeable, and with his excellent software knowledge, he can answer questions on the spot. A pleasant experience.
Jon Southard, Council #5332

My wife and I always appreciate Tim's courteous, low-key presentation. He is extremely knowledgeable of K of C offerings and our needs.
Michael Moore, Council #5332

Tim is an excellent agent both in initially starting your policy as well as in follow up and changes to such policies. I highly recommend him.
D.H., Council #5332

Tim stopped by to review policies. We were able to change beneficiaries and discuss future policy changes that would be needed within a year or 2 Tim is very easy to talk to and is very knowledgeable about the K of C products. I look forward to a continued working relationship with Tim.
Robert Fox, Council #5332

Very knowledgeable in explaining the pros and cons of regular and Roth IRAs, and annuities.Thanks Tim!
D.L., Council #5332

I/we have known Tim since he first became a Field Agent. He knows his job well and is an Excellent Field agent. I have called him about something or other and had him at our door in less than an hour on several occasions. Can't beat him for his service, knowledge or attitude.
George F, Council #5332

Tim is an outstanding professional. He is very informative when it comes to what we truly need to feel safe & secure in our future needs. I would recommend his services to anybody.
Sam Nealey, Council #5332

Tim stopped by to drop off and review ROTH IRA, because my husband was not available he then stopped by Knights of Columbus Hall and obtained his signature. Tim's patience and service was and is greatly appreciated
Julexy Keating, Council #5332

Tim came to my home, we met for first time and reviewed my policy, discussed my questions fully and covered all of my questions. Tim came well prepared. I appreciated his attention as we talked...a good insurance person and also seems a good person to discuss sometimes uneasy matters.
J.F., Council #5332

Always organized, has great suggestions, understands our needs, goals and our situation. In addition, when I reach out Tim always replies to my requests in a timely, professional and friendly manner. Never seems to be too busy to help me. You'll be very happy using Tim!
Mary Margaret Allegro, Council #5332

Tim was prompt. He knows the KC products. Answered our questions. Highly recommend him to others.
Steven Fahar, Council #12982

Mr. Mayer was informative, professional, very friendly and understanding of the needs of my wife and I. He communicated a quick response to our inquiries and will follow up on additional information we desire.
Jerry Szwaya, Council #12982

Tim Mayer is an exceptional agent as well as a person with a lot of integrity. It is comforting to know that if I pass away, my wife can count on Tim in her time of need.
Melvin Balbo, Council #5332

Tim stopped by to guide me in taking a distribution of my IRA. It was a simple thing to do, but Tim took the time to come by and make sure all was done well. His service is very much appreciated.
Gerald Broyles, Council #12982

Tim was very flexible in scheduling meeting later at night. Always prepared with answers to my questions.
Keith Fredlake, Council #12982

As a recent customer of Timothy Mayer, FIC: Knights of Columbus Insurance, I find satisfaction achieved each time I make use of his service to put into place matters that currently require attention. He is spot on responding to concerns, punctual keeping appointments, and shows himself a person of integrity and pleasantness to deal with. He is someone you are glad to know. .
Fr. James Shelton, Council #12982

Tim went above and beyond a service call while on maternity leave for the new arrival of his daughter, Tim accepted an urgent appointment made by me to come to my home for an insurance question that I had with my insurance. Great customer service Tim! Thank you.
Allan Cunningham

Tim Mayer stands tall with K of C field agent work meriting recommendation because of his dedication. He rightly deserves the Five Stars banner for his quality expertise with information and explanations. His honesty, integrity, and preparedness for the matter at hand makes him delightful to deal with in a pleasant manner of transaction. A no nonsense person, Tim Meyer is direct to the point, accomplishing what needs to be achieved. He is a fine man of personable character, a true family man.
F.S., Council #12982

Great agent, glad we talked to him. He brought up some ideas and products we would not have thought about, within our budget. Our thought beforehand was "there's nothing to review," but there is always more to learn and situations change over time. Well worth the time. Thanks, Tim.
L.L., Council #5332

As a widow of a Brother Knight, I want to express my appreciation to Tim Mayer for the time he spent with me . He could see the big paper mill I contend with and gave me very helpful advice. Thanks Tim. Joann
Joann Para, Council #5332

As usual, the best. Tim is the fifth or sixth KofC field agent we've had in the 30+ years we've been in the Knights. We've had some great agents, but Tim is the best. He is the consummate field agent: knowledgeable, personable, timely, accurate, understanding yet forthright. He's a true friend. You know you will always get his undivided attention and complete expertise. Knows the products, comes prepared, and anticipates pertinent needs and wants. Tim is true charity in action.
Tom M, Council #5332

Tim is honest and sincere, and someone I can trust. He is always punctual every time we have met. He is very knowledgable regarding my life insurance policies and options. And probably the best characteristic is that he is absolutely no-hassle and no-pressure. It's like he is more of a friend than a salesman.

Having Tim stop by and do a review with my wife and I was very helpful in that he explained what we can do with our policies in the future and also made updates to everything.....He makes you feel at ease while going over information and lays everything out without pressuring you....looking forward to next years update.....
Richard Smith, Council #3875

Timothy Meyer did a terrific job of introducing my wife and meI to the Knights, their fine work, and the insurance products they offer. No pressure, just very helpful. Could not have asked for a better experience. Sense his deep love for the Faith and the Knights. My wife was very impressed as well, and she is not Catholic..
Kent Hill, Council #5332

My wife and I really appreciate Tim's direct, infromative approach to providing us with the necessary information to make informed family decision regarding KofC insurance products. Tim was very knowledgeable regarding my military retirement benefits and helped us understand what election for the Survivor Benefit Plan was a best fit for us. Tim is a very positive, wholesome, and engaging brother which makes the experience of discussing topics foreign to us much more pleasant.
Chris Comeau, Council #12982

Tim always approaches his business with care and concern for the family first I appreciate his attention to detail and the way he looks out for us. Every interaction has been positive. I feel fortunate to have him working on my behalf.
Dan Corcoran, Council #5332

Tim Mayer is a professional Knights of Columbus Insurance Agent. His professionalism and experience helps make the insurance decisions at ease. He is willing to help the insurer make the correct decisions and explains all the information in order to better understand the policy and guidelines of the isurance process. He definitely is an asset to the KOC. He surely is capable of explaining any questions I might have in order to make the right insurance decision.
Margaret Orama, Council #5332

system worked. It reminded me I had an appointment with Mr. Mayer. Had no problem receiving it in my email system.
John Holohan, Council #5332

Tim is an outstanding Brother Knight and Knights of Columbus Insurance Agent. Tim goes the extra mile and makes himself readily available for his Brother Knights and their Families. Tim has excellent interpersonal skills and is very knowledge in his subject matter. I am grateful and honored to be a Brother Knight with Tim and have full confidence that if something happened to me, Tim would be there to aid my family in time of need. Thank You Tim for all that you do for us.
Steven S, Council #12982

He was very patient and kind, as I know absolutely nothing about how this insurance stuff works; explained everything and helped me and my mother explore all our options when picking a new policy. It was a pleasure having him over, highly recommend him as your new agent!☆
Allison White, Council #5332

Ann and I found Tim to be very clear in his explanations, and very patient in answering questions. We appreciate his helpfulness.
Michael Moore, Council #5332

Tim is a very knowledgeable and personable and answered all of our questions and concerns professionally. My wife and I enjoyed working with him.
Jerry Sarchet, Council #12982

Tim was exceptional during our meeting. Thoughtful and thorough, and understanding of my needs and concerns. I look forward to working with him on my future insurance needs.
Thomas Murphy, Council #9475

Tim was very helpful in selecting the proper coverage for my teenage son. He understood my budget and the goal I was trying to reach. Tim was professional and respectful for my insurance needs. I would recommend Tim to all brother Knights.
Vince Fitzpatrick, Council #5332

My wife and I met with Tim to discuss our changing insurance needs as I near retirement. I have nearly 40 years of federal service. Tim is very knowledgeable about the interplay of my federal pension, my wife's social security and our insurance and was very helpful in explaining options to us. I strongly recommend Tim.
SL Higginbottom, Council #5332

I met with Tim to go over the different types of insurance available through the KoC. We talked for over an hour, and he was very informative and helpful. I am still considering what to get, but I will definitely go back to him with any questions I may have.
IAN WADE, Council #5332

My wife and I met with Tim to review the current life insurance policies we have with the Knights of Columbus (KoC). As with most Knights, Tim is a very pleasant, friendly, and courteous with strong ties and commitment to his family and church oriented. We regard Tim as one of the top KoC Insurance Representatives we’ve ever met, and there have been a few. We rate him 5 Stars and he earns every one of them. Thanks Tim!!!
Joe C, Council #5332

Tim has been patiently waiting as my life changes were occurring. Always checking in to see how I was. He is a very thoughtful, caring and knowledgeable man. A trusted adviser. I am thankful for people like Tim, doing God's work and helping our families.
Tony Suarez, Council #12982

Tim is comfortable to be with. He does not push you into buying anything...rather is explains what is available, what makes the most sense, and lets you decide what is best. He's professional, helpful, and enjoyable to be with.
Bob Mechler, Council #5332

I was very impressed with Tim's ability to make us feel comfortable talking about life insurance, our retirement and other planning issues. He willingly changed his approach with us once he heard some of our own comments and concerns. He was exactly what we needed, a professional willing to listen and respond with insight targeted at our questions not on his sales pitch. I can't wait for our next meeting
Daniel Mac Gregor, Council #12982

Brother Mayer has been diligent and helpful in ensuring my family's insurance needs are met. He has done a great job in explaining options and answering every question. I recommend him without reservation.
Jeffrey Zieg, Council #12982

Tim Mayer was timely, knowledgeable, and very personable. We are entering a new phase of our lives (retirement) and we had a lot of questions. Tim was able to explain our options and answer many of our questions. We look forward to working with him.
Jim Wood, Council #12982

Tim Mayer is absolutely superb. Professional, extremely knowledgeable, explains each and every insurance option with perfect clarity and is a very pleasant and trustworthy man. We've had recent offers to take our insurance needs elsewhere, but because of the relationship Tim has cultivated with us, we have turned them all down. Great guy, and great insurance rep. Can't say enough good things about him. He's helped us get the best insurance to reflect our needs.
Dean Reuter, Council #5332

Thank you Tim for all your help. Your kindness and patience in helping me to understand my Insurance Policy and changes are greatly appreciated.. Your vast knowledge are truly a great asset to the Knights. May our Lord continue to Bless you and your family and the Knights. You are in my prayers. Peg
Margaret Thomas, Council #5332

Brother Timothy was patient and took time to explain my existing policy and other policies for consideration. All of my questions were answered to my satisfaction.
Wenceslaw Chapnkem, Council #5332

Personal but technical at the same time. Great match up with a smile. The facts were available and he presented them with grace. We enjoyed his visit and look forward to our next one. The computer contacts were quick an timely. Modern technology is the way to go. Great way to do business but still need the personal touch which Tim has presented.
Thomas Mariani, Council #12982

My wife and I have enjoyed the several meetings we have had discussing insurance needs and planning with Brother Mayer. He takes a dry and relatively unpleasant discussion and keeps it light and interesting.
Jonathan Mc Donald, Council #12982

Tim was great - positive, professional and helpful without being pushy. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for this kind of service.
Phillip Kellogg, Council #5332

Tim did an outstanding job going over all the possible needs that I may need now and in the future. I feel more confident in having the products that I have now and I am a more informed person.
Daniel Lavery, Council #5332

Tim is both very personable and professional. He was very prepared to discuss our policies and answer our questions. I only wish I had invested in K of C insurance when I was younger. We have been blessed to have two great fraternal benefits representatives in Tim and Paul Hannan.
Gerald Broyles, Council #12982

Tim adjusted his schedule to accommodate our schedule. He did a gret job providing important information in a clear, concise manner and simply provided facts rather than trying to sell us with a hard pitch. He was very professional.
Robert Farmer, Council #5332

Tim was excellent, knowledgeable and well prepared. We accomplished the task for which I had scheduled quickly and covered some other insurance topics as well. Most of my other insurance companies don't even come close to this excellent service.
David Ciaverella, Council #5332

From my past experiences in sales and marketing, Tim shows great qualities as a communicator, listener, and problem solver. His time management skills along with being patient with prospects are very good attributes to have. He arrived on time and left when he said he was. He was knowledgeable about his products and used closing techniques appropriate for the occasion. He is definitely trustworthy! I am currently reviewing products that he had presented that would be good for my wife.
Richard Z, Council #5332

Tim was outstanding. He was thourough and prepared with excellent, understandable information. He gave helpful recommendedations, but we never felt like anything was being pushed on us.
Christopher Short, Council #5332

Tim is a patient man! I am constantly on the run and trying to catch me to sign something or pick up something can be a chore. Tim is very patient and worked around my schedule to get my new life insurance policy in place. He even met me late one night in his office when I went to pick up my daughter from FCT play practice!
Paul Luetkemeyer, Council #12982

Tim's relatable approach gave me peace of mind to make big financial decisions to place my family in a stable position. I am grateful for his honesty and guidance as my wife and I navigate and asses what is most important to us.
Timothy Judge, Council #12982

Mr. Mayer is very knowledgeable about planning for long term needs. He has helped me look at my future in a different light to be sure I take care of all my families needs.
MIchael Ulisse, Council #12982

Great experience and very professional. Gives explanation and understanding that goes above and beyond.
William Bartheld, Council #12982

Mr. Mayer was very professional, knowledgable, and helpful. I would recommend Mr. Mayer to anyone who is interested in opening a Policy
Gilbert Manalad, Council #12982

Mr. Mayer is great at what he does. He took time to explain the portfolios to my understanding. He was pleasant through out. I feel comfortable with my investment under his care.
Madueke Ekoh, Council #12982

Tim was very nice, sincere, and professional. It was a completely no pressure consultation and review of my policies.

Mr. Mayer was very concerned and comfortable in dealing with my financial situation. He was able to convey useful information about opportunities to insure.
Michael Boehm, Council #5332

I have know Tim for some time now and he is always very responsive to my insurance needs and is genuinely interested in the best plan for me and my family. I would recommend Tim to anyone looking to open a policy with KofC.
Michael Wojtysiak, Council #12982

Great job. Tim brought up several important details about items that I had not considered, in particularly long term health benefits and whole life. His input and advice will certainly help my planning. Thanks.
Richard Bookwalter, Council #5332

We are pleased with the service provided by Tim. We have met with him a few times now for our annual insurance review. He answers all our questions and follows through with the appropriate paperwork in a timely manner. We would recommend him and K/C insurance.
R.G., Council #5332

Very pleased with our appointment. Tim is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. Would recommend anyone looking for insurance, or just information, to contact Tim Mayer. Highly recommend by Joel and Leigh Ann Schneider.
Joel Schneider

Tim is very knowledgeable and helpful with making decisions on getting life insurance. I highly recommend his services!
Dean W, Council #5332

Excellent response and information from Tim. I would recommend him. He is very knowledgeable and detail enough.
John Holohan, Council #5332

You only have to meet with Tim once to know that you have not only found a trustworthy representative but a knowledgeable, congenial, and pleasant person happy doing his job. Each of the follow-up visits has affirmed the initial impression. He is the right person for accomplishing what needs to be done because things are done efficiently and satisfactorily.
Fr Jim Shelton, Council #12982

Tim is a very personable and knowledgeable individual. He is very accomodating with his schedule.
Joseph H, Council #5332

Tim Mayer is great to work with on all of our policies. Knowledgeable, pleasant and flexible. He is always there to assist if you hit any snags (few and far between), responds promptly and keeps us up to date.
Mary Margaret Allegro, Council #5332

I had a great meeting with Tim. The meeting was informative and Tim is extremely knowledgeable of the Knights and their various programs and benefits.
Mark Flores, Council #12982

Tim is an excellent representative of the Knights insurance program. He is very easy to work with and he will not pressure you into anything. I have worked with many agents while in the KFC, and Tim is one of the best.
Lawrence Baer, Council #5332

It was a pleasure working with Tim to identify the insurance needs for our family. Adding another member to the family means adding another policy. Tim was prepared will all of the forms and answers to every question. He also presented excellent choices for transitioning existing policies to the ideal coverages and offered options that were previously not considered.
Richard Erikson, Council #12982

Tim is such an easy person to talk to. He is very knowledgeable and has the answers to our questions.
Melvin Balbo, Council #5332

It was extremely easy to book an appointment, and Tim is very knowledgeable, helpful and a pleasure to deal with.
Dave Riley, Council #5332

Tim is very knowledgeable about his insurance products, and very responsive to his customer's needs.
Dean Reuter, Council #5332

I enjoyed talking with Tim about my current life insurance needs and long term care. He had a very professional and respectful manner.
Joseph Harkins, Council #12982

Tim is very professional and respectful. It was a pleasure meeting with him. We discussed our existing programs and the possibility of starting a long care program.
Gerald Broyles, Council #12982

Tim was very well informed, very helpful and knowledgeable and of course, friendly and patient. Thank you!
Jason Rinker, Council #5332

Tim is extremely good at identifying my needs for insurance. He is knowledgeable, friendly, and pressure free with his presentation. I should have signed up with him years ago!!
Michael Messier, Council #5332

tim has help me sort out my policies and kept me up on my policies . he is very knowledgable and professianal . there is no pressure just good information . father mgivney would be proud of him . if you do not have insurance with the knights you are being folish . i have 4 policies and long term care . call tim now and you will not be sorry morgan
Morgan Davoren, Council #5332

Tim did a review of my old insurance policies. It was quick and painless, and I ended up with a lot more coverage for less cost. It was a friendly, no-pressure, situation. I highly recommend him.
Benjamin G, Council #5332

Tim came out to discuss an existing life insurance policy. All of my questions were answered thoroughly and in great detail. Tim was very knowledgable and not the least bit pushy. He gave me a lot of information to review on my own schedule and left it open for future business if I so choose. I would absolutely recommend Tim.
S.M., Council #5332

Tim came out to write an insurance policy for our new son. He also reviewed my wife's and my insurance coverages as well as finances and retirement forecasts. We highly recommend him.
Jeffrey Z, Council #12982

Tim reviewed my families long term financial condition and it was revealing and helpful in making financial decissions. Tim is very knowledgable and professional in analyzing family finances and forcasting through retirement to take care of your family. I would encourage families to discuss options with Tim.
T.M., Council #5332

Tim is very professional and knowledgeable time with Tim was well spent and gave us some options to consider. No high pressure but honest assessment. Thank you Tim.
Guy De Furia, Council #5332

Timothy Mayer conveniently met in our home, listened to the details of our situation, developed a package of options and explained each in detail. Then he gave us adequate time to consume, analyze, and discuss our options with no pressure. He was comfortable with and knowledgeable of the products offered and thorough in answering all of our questions. It was our pleasure to work with Tim to better provide for the security of our family.
Brian Byrne, Council #5332

Mr Mayer was very knowledgeable in all areas, very helpfull with retirement features that I was not aware of. Time well spent. Thanks
Michael Vidal

Timothty Mayer is very knowledgeable about the KC products. Understanding of clients, Helpful. Prompt.
Janet Fahar, Council #5332