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My Brothers,

Please include District Deputy brother Nick Ewell and his family in your prayers.

Brother Nick is dealing with is a "seizure disorder of unknown origin." It started October of last year. All of his tests (EEG, MRI, CT Scan, blood work, etc.) are within normal limits so they do not see anything structurally wrong. It is unusual to have seizures start at this point of his life. If it happens seizures usually begin when people are kids. The doctors thought they had it under control with anti-seizure medication, but apparently not. He had another grand mal seizure last Wednesday. It was the third since last October, and in a parking lot just after He finished a meeting in Anaheim. Thank goodness he had not started driving back yet.

Given that they have not isolated a cause, and the medication did not keep him seizure-free, he won't be driving for the foreseeable future (at least the next 6 months). So far they have doubled his anti-seizure medication and he scheduled with an epilepsy specialist at Loma Linda.

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