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Saturday, June 16, 2018

from 8:30 am 'til 3:30 pm

2018-2019 Fraternal Leader Success Planner Book

"State Council Officer Team, District Deputies, Council Officer 2018-19 Planning Webinars"

Training Webinar

Click HERE to register.

Worthy Brother Knights and Knights of Columbus Fraternal Leaders!!

Here is the link to the Fraternal Leader Workshops that will be conducted live on June 16th, 2018 beginning at 8:30 AM Eastern Daylight Saving Time. Once a registrant arrives on the page, all four webinars are listed. To register, put a check mark in each of the four boxes, and then one registration will automatically register for each webinar.

Each webinar will have a separate link, which can be activated 15 minutes prior to the webinar live start time which is Eastern Daylight Saving time. The four webinars are as follows:

Jose Jimenez, Luis Guevara, Matthew St. John and Kevin Smith will present - Webinar #1 - Hispanic and Ethnic Outreach & Online Membership (our fraternal online membership program).

Tom Perretta, Matthew St. John, Scott Read & Damien O'Connor will present - Webinar #2 - Young Adult Outreach & Faith in Action (New Program Model)

John Grogan, Tom Perretta will present Webinar #3 - Membership Growth and Engagement & Member Retention (keeping the members we recruit engaged)

Gary Nolan & Mark McMullen will present Webinar #4 - Fraternal Education, Training. and Ceremonials & Key Issues and Strategies for Success

Each session will be recorded for later playback, or in case anyone wants to give a second listen. Attendees will be able to print or download and save a training completion certificate. There will be four webinar sessions and each participant will be able to print a certificate after each webinar. There is a minimum time to attend to be able to print the certificate. There will be a poll question during each presentation and we hope that every attendee participates in the poll. Following each session will be a survey question or two; and again we hope everyone will participate.

Here is the link to register with our vendor ON24. As a reminder, this is a direct link and it is not available on the K of C website. Click here for direct access, and there is no login necessary! Simple check all four boxes and register once! Complete the registration form and you will be ready! If you are attending as a group, please send us a roster to   !

Finally, Google Chrome or FireFox are the preferred internet browsers for ON24. Attendees are reminded to have auxiliary speakers or headphones; close other browser windows. All state leadership team members, district deputies and council officers are encouraged to attend live or on demand prior to your Organizational Meeting of District Deputies!!

State Leadership Team, District Deputy, Council Officers 2018-19
Strategic Planning Webinar
Saturday - June 16, 2018
Eastern Daylight Saving Time

Webinar #1 - Hispanic & Ethnic Growth & Online Membership
8:30 AM - EDT

Webinar #2 - Young Adult Outreach & Faith in Action (New Program Model)
10:30 AM EDT

Webinar #3 - Membership Growth & Engagement and Member Retention
12:30 PM EDT

Webinar #4 - Fraternal Education, Training, Ceremonials and Key Issues and Strategies for Success
2:30 PM EDT

Register and Attend - State Leadership Team, District Deputy and Council Officer 2018 Planning Webinars

Fraternal Training Sessions are conducted live and then available on-demand at a time and place convenient to individual members.

Thank you for all of your efforts in help your state or province, your district and your council grow and truly make a difference in our world today. Your leadership is key to our future success as an Order! With "unity of purpose and unity in action" we can help our brother knights and those that join us become better husbands, fathers, and Catholic men of God.
Fraternally yours,

Gary Nolan

Gary Nolan
Vice President for Fraternal Education, Training and Ceremonials
Fraternal Mission Department
Knights of Columbus

Event Location
Your Computer, or Laptop, or Tablet, or Smartphone
Your Home or Office Internet
Louisville, KY  40202 US