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Sunday, October 29, 2017

from 9:00 am 'til 1:00 pm

Joe Souza is the Event Chairman for this event
E-mail Me

Co-Chair: Joe Souza

Concord VIP SoccerFest 2017  is back, so if you missed out with volunteering for this event in the past, now is your chance.
If you are planning on attending let me know.  GK Joe  via email or cell: 415.645.3424
I had a wonderful time when I attend a few years back.
The organizer for this event is Steve and his contact information is below. 
When: Oct 23rd 2017
Time: 9:30-10am
In the past I think the Knights showed up around 9:30/10am to get the coals hot. 
It would be greatly appreciate if Knights could donate:
* Ice
* Tin pans to put cooked burgers/dogs in
* And yes, BBQ gear 

I can call/text the head BBQ Knight if there is a cancelation whom can spread the word

BTW, the BBQ takes place at the El Dorado/Westwood fields in Concord

Thank you all


Event Location

, CA  US