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1st Monday of the month at 7 PM

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4th Monday of the month at 7:00 PM

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2001 Shepard Road
Wildwood, MO 63038 US

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2001 Shepard Road
Wildwood, MO 63038 US

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St. Alban Roe
2001 Shepard Road
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St. Alban Roe Council 12022

St. Alban Roe Council 12022 was granted a charter by the Officers of the Supreme Council authorizing them to organize and maintain a Council of the Knights of Columbus within the City of Wildwood, Missouri on the 29th day of June 1997.  There were 61 members listed on the charter.


The 1st recorded meeting was held on August 12, 1997.

The Council was called to order at 7:38 p.m. by Michael Arway.


Grand Knight - Michael Arway

Deputy Grand Knight - Hank Olszerski

Chancellor -  Herb Driscoll

Recorder - David Devereaux

Financial Secretary - Dave Fritz

Treasurer - Bob Knueven

Advocate - Jerry Ponder

Warden - Joe Riley

Trustee 3rd year - Carl Huddleston

Trustee 2nd year - Joe McCarthy

Trustee 1st year - Ernie Rohaly

Chaplin - Father Bob Manning


A team from Marion Council conferred the 1st Degree for the council.






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Knights of Columbus

St. Alban Roe Council #12022


Grand Knights Notes


214 Days and 67 Knights


As I sit here trying to put my thoughts together for our first newsletter, I think back to that Saturday morning of March 15th.  Father Ed and Father Bob had invited Dave Fritz and I to come to the rectory to have a discussion about the Knights of Columbus.  A number of parishioners, Dave and I included, had expressed an interest in starting a Knights of Columbus council at St. Alban Roe.  Father Bob was just recently assigned to our parish and had been a Knight for some time, so the time seemed right.


Initial meetings were held in April to find catholic gentlemen interested in joining together to carry out the activities of the order.  A steering committee was formed and held their first meeting on April 30th; (Day 46) and meeting again on May 13th (Day 59).  With the help of our brothers at the Marian Council in Manchester, we participated in our initial 1st Degree exemplification on May 20th bringing in 9 new members (Day 66).  On June 10th (Day 87) we had our first somewhat unofficial meeting.  We had set sail for our journey.  On June 16th (Day 93) we hosted a first Degree bringing in 11 more members.  The support for the organization grew rapidly until on June 23rd (Day 100) we submitted the paperwork to Supreme asking to have a council chartered by the Knights of Columbus.


The St. Alban Roe Council #12022  was chartered by the Knights of Columbus on June 29th (Day 106).  Our first project, helping with the ADA Drive, was already behind us as we celebrated by attending our first Corporate Communion followed by a breakfast.


The list goes on with our first official meeting and nomination of officers on July 1st (Day 108).  On July 17th (Day 124) we attended our first District meeting.  Prior to our meeting on August 12th (Day 150) another 1st Degree exemplification brought in additional members, increasing our membership to 58.  Nominations of officers were completed and elections took place.  Hank Olsyewski, our newly elected Deputy Grand Knight & Program Director, immediately went to work presenting the project plan that had been developed at the planning meetings. The response by the members to step up and take directorships and committee chairmanships was astounding.  By the end of the evening a majority of the necessary positions had been filled.


On August 31st, (Day 169) our second Corporate Communion and breakfast was chaired by newly appointed Family Activities Director, Brad Bingaman.  Brad, being one of the newer members, stepped up to the challenge and did a great job.


This past weekend we completed our first "Tootsie Roll Drive" (Days 209,210,211).  Through the leadership of chairman Joe Riley and over 150 man-hours from the Knights and their families we were able to collect more than we ever thought possible.  My congratulations go to Joe Riley for an OUTSTANDING project and a great job.  Thanks to everyone that helped.


As we move forward, many more projects are in the works and many more good times are to come.  It seems hard to believe that only 214 days have passed, but as the say, TEMPUS FUGIT...


Mike Arway

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