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Bishop Choby update

Bishop Choby has asked that I pass along an update about his condition as he recovers from the fall that he sustained at his home on February 7.
As you know from my earlier updates, he has experienced some complications while under medical care for those injuries. He continues to have positive responses to treatment and both he and his personal physician are optimistic about his continued recovery. The bishop is in good spirits, but his stated request that people offer prayers rather than visiting his bedside remains in place.
The serious infection, that had caused such concern, appears to be well under control. Attention is now turning to addressing the fractures in his back. The full course of that treatment will be determined in the near future.
Bishop Choby is extremely grateful for the many prayers offered on his behalf. He still has more hurdles to clear on the road to recovery but his progress thus far is very encouraging. I will pass along further updates on his condition when they are available. In the meantime, please continue to remember him in your prayers. They are of great support and effect.
Rick Musacchio
Director of Communications
Diocese of Nashville
Desk: 615-783-0768
Cell: 615-405-7986

Officer elections are just around the corner

Brother Knights,
Officer elections are just around the corner and with these elections comes great opportunity.  A great opportunity for you to get more involved as a Knight.  A great opportunity to participate as a leadership team member for the greatest Council in the State of TN…. (in my opinion) in the entirety of the all the councils internationally (OK, I may be proud of you guys….).  A great opportunity to help impact and shape the contribution from our council into our parish and into our community.  If you have an interest in becoming an officer, please contact Past Grand Knight and current Trustee, Mr. Gary Wisniewski.  His email address is All Nominations will be presented at our Business Meeting scheduled for April 19th.  Officer Elections are scheduled for Business Meeting May 24th

Adoration Participants Needed

Our council has, for the past several years, served the Church by filling the time period of  3AM to 4AM every Thursday morning for Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in the chapel.  We do this on a rotation basis with each individual serving once in a 3 month period.  Though we have enough, just enough, to fill a 3 month rotation, they have been serving in this capacity since we started.  We hope that some of you who have not participated before will volunteer your time to sit with our Lord for one hour a Quarter.  It is a peaceful time with great opportunities for reflection and opening up to the words of our Lord.
If you are interested in signing up for the Knights' rotation for Adoration please email Jeff Sandvig - and let him know. We have enough Knights to cover about a three month rotation.  If you're already on the rotation and are ready to come off rotation let Jeff know that too. 

Council 4563 awards two Scholarships to St Rose Students

Alan Cutler and Lance Alexis presented scholarships to 2 St Rose students. The applicants were requested to write essays regarding "What the Eucharist Means to Me." The scholarships were awarded based on need, scholastics, activity in the church and essay scores. According to the Committee responsible for making the selection, all of the essay's were high quality and very heartfelt. Congratulations to Adrienne Glover and Nicole Speyrer for winning the scholarships!


Council 4563 is presented a Thank You from St Rose for Stars and Pars Support

The Student Body President Elect Danny Farone of St Rose School presented a very colorful Thank You Poster to the our Council for our efforts in assisting with the school's in raising funds at the Annual Stars and Pars Golf Tournement.

The Knights of Columbus Summer Superstar Skills Challenge Finals for Marian Council 4563 8-19-15

Over 32 Knights tested their skills in the 2 hour event!

There were four games for each player.  The one with most points after each game will be declared winner. Then total points from all 4 games will be the Summer Superstar Skill Champion!







Individual Results:

  • Corn Hole
    • Champion - Bill Strebel - 25 (tie breaker)
    • Runner Up - Mike Fuller- 25
  • Putt N Pool Challenge
    • Champion - Rich Richard - 112
    • Runner Up - Greg Cummings - 103
  • Pub Darts
    • Champion - Rob Thomas - 238
    • Runner Up - Greg Cummings - 235
  • Wash N Hole
    • Champion - Greg Cummings - 147
    • Runner Up  - David Schlacter - 122


Group Results:

  • Group A
    • Champ - Bill Strebel - 30
    • 2nd - David Schlacter - 24
  • Group B
    • Champ - Greg Cummings - 33
    • 2nd - Chad McIssac - 26
  • Group C
    • Champ - Mike Reeves - 26
    • 2nd - Joe Pfeifer - 25
  • Group D
    • Champ - Rich Richard - 30
    • 2nd - Dominic - 24



  • 1st Place Greg Cummings with 33 pts
  • 2nd Place Bill Strebel with 30 pts rock-paper-siccors
  • 3rd Place Rich Richard with 30 pts

Superstar Award - Greg Cummings 3 events 1st or 2nd

Hammy Award goes to Paul Borkoski with 0 points!

Congratulations to all of our winners and participants!