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Father Prez Wear

Brother Knights,
     The cold weather is here and the Holidays are coming!  With that being said, Father Perez is pleased to announce we are offering Perez wear in time for those Holiday stocking stuffers or something fashionable to add to your wardrobe rotation. New to our apparel lineup, we are now offering Bears and Blackhawks Fr. Perez style t-shirts with the Bears in navy blue and the Hawks in black.  These shirts are screen designed, with short sleeves priced at $20 and long sleeves at $25.  We are ONLY offering the football and hockey shirts in short and long sleeve t-shirts. 

     But that's not all!   We are offering our regular embroidered short sleeve Perez polos for $25 and long sleeve Perez polos for $30.  Additionally, we continue to offer up our collection of embroidered sweatshirts including the popular quarter zip for $40, pullover hoody for $30, and our new zip-up hoody for $40.  Get your orders in now, you only have until Friday November 23rd to order. Please send all orders to or stop up at the clubhouse and sign up for an order on the billboard.  As always, cash is preferred and no returns or exchanges. All profits are donated to the Council.  Thanks, be safe, and have a great Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas! 

March-April Smile

Council News

Father Perez Knights of Columbus Council #1444 is pleased to announce that 14 members recently advanced
to the Knights of Columbus Fourth Degree as part of 279-member class of 2019. Two individual Father
Perez members received recognition. The exemplification was in honor of Father Perez Past Grand Knight
John Curtin for his years of legendary service to the Knights of Columbus, and initiate Matt Stevens was
toasted the Class of 2019 Honoree. Also, Sir Knight Deacon Stan Rakausk as assisted at the mass which
was prayed between the exemplification ceremonial and the celebratory banquet.
The primary purpose of the Fourth Degree is to foster patriotism by promoting responsible citizenship and
generating a love of country as proud Catholic citizens. The Fourth Degree, through its honor guard and
color corps, attired in red, white and blue regalia with plumed chapeaux advertises the Knights of Columbus.
Father Perez’s new Fourth Degrees members, now referenced as Sir Knights, are:
Ken Abels, Pat Ashe, Dan Conwell, Chris Doeseckle, Bill Donnelly, Neil Dorigan, Ed Fineran,
Kevin Herman, Marty Lee, John Mikrut, Bob Patscher, Bill Reardon and Matt Stevens.


Our Major Degree will be held on Sunday, April 14th, at St. Christina
Hall. Registration begins at Noon, 1st Degree at 1 PM, 2nd Degree
at 2 PM, and 3rd Degree at 3 PM. The cost is $75, which includes
initiation, dinner, and first year’s dues. Please encourage your family
and friends who believe in Charity, Unity, and Fraternity to apply for
Membership. Fill out Form 100 and bring it to a March Meeting
as each application must be read and voted upon at a Meeting and
accepted by Council Members. For the many 1st and 2nd Degree
Members, this is your opportunity to complete your first 3 Degrees,
required in order to move up to the Patriotic 4th Degree. The cost of
each Degree is $10. Contact Membership Chairman Matt Stevens at if you are interested in attending.


Brother Knights, family members and friends have an incredible opportunity to assist burgeoning youth
with physical disabilities become the best wheelchair basketball players they can by volunteering during
the National Wheelchair Basketball Association National Junior Championship Tournament, March 28-
31, 2019. The tournament is an excellent chance for high schoolers who need community service hours to
earn them and learn about the skills and abilities of their peers with physical disabilities, some of whom
will be headed to four-year universities like the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign as student/
athletes this fall.
The games will be played at facilities in Frankfort, New Lenox, and Matteson. 48 teams across three
levels of play will compete for national championships. Each team had to earn the right to compete in this
event. Many different positions need to be filled: scorers, scoreboard operators, shot clock operators, on-site
registration/information, setup/take down, court management, or concessions. Training will be provided.
I have completed the NWBA National Championship Volunteer Questionnaire and urge you and others to
commit as well. Please type this link into your browser and complete the questionnaire:
If this does not work for you, send an email to me at


Join your Brother Knights, family, and neighbors as
we hold the 5th Annual March for Life down 111th
street. It will begin at 9 AM on Saturday, March
23rd just east of Central Park at Mt. Greenwood
Community Church and proceed to Kedzie, then
return. PGK John Curtin, Pro-Life Chairman Joe
O’Connor and Vocations Chairman Ed Ulrich worked
with other local Churches to organize this event. This
year’s March included an expanded essay contest.
Let’s make this march as big as the one downtown!