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Knights of Columbus Career Opportunity

Dear Knights of Columbus Leaders

I am just following up on the request for nominations for the position of Field Agent for your area.   I am hoping that you and the Financial Secretary as well as other officers of the council can nominate members (and other Catholics who are eligible for membership) in your area.  I am looking forward to working with you and the other members of the council to help locate our next Field Agent for the councils.

This career opportunity requires an energetic, enthusiastic man who would like to manage his own business.  The man we are looking for is preferably married with a stable employment history and has reached or has limited earning potential in his present position.  If qualified he can earn a professional level income and make a difference in the lives of many Catholic families.

We are looking for someone with the following traits:

High integrity
Pattern of success
Professional image

Circumstances that may lead someone to consider a change of career:
· Wants or needs a higher income than current job can provide
· Is tired of traveling and being away from home
· Can’t advance further in a family firm because he is not a family member
· Lack of challenging work in his current position
· No control over his future with current company
· Has risen as high as he can go, but has even higher aspirations
· Has been downsized through no fault of his own

With this in mind, to whom should I talk?

Paul D. Kehoe
General Agent
Knights of Columbus
(815) 669-3485