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My dear Brother Knights:

          June is the month of many celebrations; however, the one that always excites us the most is Father’s Day.  On this day, we stop from our hectic activities of life to express our thoughts and affections for our Dads. I would like to share with you a little prayer that I feel sums up so beautifully our thoughts this Father’s Day.


A tribute to Dad!

Mender of toys, leader of boys, changer of fuses, kisser of bruises, Bless him, Dear Lord.

Wiper of noses, pruner of roses, singer of songs, righter of wrongs, Guard him, O Lord.

Move of couches, soother of ouches, pounder of nails, teller of tales, Reward him, O Lord.

Hanger of screens, counselor of teens, fixer of bikes, chastiser of tykes, Help him, O Lord.

Raker of leaves, cleaner of eaves, dryer of dishes, fulfiller of wishes, Guard him, O Lord. 


            So, to all our Fathers, “Happy Father’s Day” to you.  God’s blessings for many more years of good health, happiness and joy.

            Congratulations to the newly elected officers of this upcoming Columbian Year. Be assured of our support and prayers to help you fulfill your responsibilities.  Sincere thanks to the outgoing officers.  Your many accomplishments like your responsibilities were many, but by working together you managed to bring our council through another year.  Well Done!!!

            May all of you enjoy a safe and restful summer!

            Fr. Stas’




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