April 2018

Father Daniel Toof

Re: Certificate of Appreciation

As officers and members of the Knights of Columbus, we all have a role in the development and implementation of on-going successful programs for our council. St. Anna’s Council has been recognized for many years for its performance in meeting the mission and goals of the Knights of Columbus. The results of our efforts are displayed by the plaques on the wall. It takes a team to make it happen, and we complement individual Knights for their exemplary contributions; but we have failed and overlooked an individual whose contributions have gone without recognition for many years, although he is dedicated, and a performer who attends the vast- majority of our meetings as his schedule permits.

He is the Spiritual Director, officer and Chaplin for our council. He has consistently sets the moral compass for our spirituality and moral interactions. Father Dan, a Charter Member of this council, Honorary Life Time member (10 plus years in this council) and 4th Degree Knight has contributed greatly to the prestige of this council. He is the hub of the wheel which makes it happen. His message and prayers consistently express the basic spirituality of his thoughts in guiding the council’s religious beliefs for the good of the council. This cannot be supplied by any lay member. He leads us in prayer at the beginning of the meetings, setting the stage for organizational importance, and his “Chaplain’s Message” is one of the guiding highlights at each meeting.

On behalf of all the officers and members of St. Anna’s Council #14425, I present to you this “Certificate of Appreciation” for your priestly dedication as our Chaplin, and officer for your dedicated service, as a fellow Brother Knight. Your spiritual faith guidance has impressed upon us the true meaning of God, and the direction of the council.
Thank you, Father Dan for your contributions and dedication to the Knights of Columbus Council #14425 at St. Anna’s.

November 2017

Tom Offutt, Sr.

In recognition of their service, dedication and commitment to the council, and St. Anna's, Tom and Linda Offutt was chosen as the Family of The Month for November 2017. Linda served in many leadership positions within the church as well as being in charge of the FISH Fry. Below are the leadership positions Tom served within Council #14425.

1st. Degree: 6-19-2013, 2nd Degree: 6-19-2013, 3rd Degree: 10-26-2013
Program Positions Term Org# Organization
Church Director 08-06-2015 -- 06-30-2016 14425 Council
Membership Director 07-01-2014 -- 06-30-2015 14425 Council
Recruitment Committee 1 07-01-2014 -- 06-30-2015 14425 Council
Membership Director 10-17-2013 -- 06-30-2014 14425 Council
Retention Chairman 10-17-2013 -- 06-30-2014 14425 Council
Insurance Promotion 10-17-2013 -- 06-30-2014 14425 Council
Recruitment 07-01-2014 -- 06-30-2015 14425 Council
Recruitment 10-17-2013 -- 06-30-2014 14425 Council

Officer Positions Term Org# Organization
Chancellor 07-01-2016 -- 06-30-2017 14425 Council
Chancellor 07-01-2015 -- 06-30-2016 14425 Council

October 2017

Robert Costantino

St. Anna’s Council 14425 expresses its appreciation to Bob Costantino, his wife and family for their continuing contributions to our Council and to our Faith Community.
Bob has consistently demonstrated Unity and Fraternity, two of the principles of our Order, in his actions and volunteerism. He is always one of the first to volunteer to represent our Knights at all Knights events, and one you can count on to be there in representation. He and his family, sons who are also Knights, want to be part of the Council’s brotherhood in so many ways, especially in working with their father and other brother Knights. It is indeed a pleasure to see this family together, their children and grandchildren. Sally, the heart of the family has always been there for the Knights especially as active members of the Ladies of the Knights. She shared with Bob, an endless time and efforts in representing the Knights.
Brother Bob has St. Anna’s church at heart, having served on the Parish Council, Capital Campaign, CHRP, Mass Ministry and Lecturer to mention a few. His past Grand Knight position led the council to a Star Council Award and the Father McGivney and Columbian Leadership Award. Bob promotes Respect for Human Life, Support of Military Personnel, Donations to charities supporting persons for Intellectual disabilities and volunteering in various charitable way of servicing the community, and the church.
Bob and his family have a long record, 50 years of marriage, in raising their family and continue to demonstrate through their love for each other, and respect for others, a model for others to follow. It is indeed a pleasure to present this long overdue “Family of The Month” Award for his inspiration to the Knights and St. Anna’s.

March 2015

Roger, Liz and Tara Coyne

St. Anna’s Council 14425 expresses its appreciation to Roger Coyne, his wife Liz and their daughter, Tara, for their continuing contributions to our Council and to our Faith Community.
Roger has consistently demonstrated Unity and Fraternity, two of the principles of our Order, in his actions and volunteerism. He is always one of the first to volunteer to represent our Knights by manning our booths for long hours at such functions as the Christmas Craft Bazaar and the Parish Time and Talent Fair. The latter bringing us the largest number of potential new candidates in recent years. He is also one of the first to sign up to sell tickets for our varied events. Roger has also demonstrated his value in Stewardship to his Parish; volunteering to do the more difficult and demanding tasks at events such as the Parish Lenten Fish Fry. He constantly demonstrates the attributes of the “joyful giver” while delivering on tasks that are sometimes unglamorous and underappreciated.
At the same time Liz and Tara have consistently worked in conjunction with their husband and father by supporting the Council, and the Parish, as active members of the Ladies of the Knights. In that capacity, they have engaged in such activities as providing meals in advance of our Monthly Business meetings, assisted the Ladies with creatively formulating ideas and strategies to raise funds for our designated charities, and participated in the operational efforts to bring those ideas to successful fruition.
The Coyne Family is very much valued and appreciated.
Robert Costantino, Grand Knight, Council 14425

September 2014

Tom and Linda Offutt

Family of the Month
St. Anna’s Council 14425 expresses its appreciation to Tom and Linda Offutt for their contributions to our Council and to our Faith Community.

Shortly after joining the Knights of Columbus in June 2013, Tom accepted the open position of Membership Director. Tom has been diligent in learning the requirements of the position and in putting that information to good use. He has been responsible for shepherding a dozen new members in to our Council; most recently six (6) new members receiving their First and Second degrees and three (3) additional receiving their Second degrees. Tom has become a faithful and effective member of our Council.
During that same period, Linda has been very active in the service of our Council and our Parish community. She was one of the prime movers in starting a ladies support group for our Knights; brings creative ideas for increasing fund-raising activities in support of the Knights charities and in following through with the organization skills and labor to bring them to fruition. She has also been active in supporting our Parish and our Community. She provides accounting services for the weekly collections of our Parish and volunteers her time to working at F.I.S.H (Faith In Serving Humanity). Seeing a need for more social activities specifically for our Knights and their significant others, Tom & Linda have opened their home for social functions.
Robert Costantino, Grand Knight, Council 14425