Brother Knight: Mr. John McAnally, III

From Council #14549
Announces His Business To Brother Knights

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The Conception is Life Company
2580 W. Camp Wisdom Rd. Ste. 100-224
Grand Prairie TX 75052 US

Phone: 817-419-9440

ABORTIONISTS AND THE ABORTION INDUSTRY HATE US. While they are fighting in court to keep sonograms from the mothers in their clinics, we are placing photos of actual babies in the womb in the wrists of mothers, daughters, fathers and sons before they ever can get to the clinics, thus dispelling the lies that are told before they are even uttered. The Conception is Life Company designs, patents, and distributes WHOLESALE life affirming educational and spiritual merchandise for wholesale purchase to Christian retailers and pro-life/ pro-family fund raising groups in order to raise awareness that life does begin at conception. It is our intention to put a face to the name Innocent. For retail purchases, please visit