Brother Knight: Leonard Labriola

From Council #5237
Announces His Business To Brother Knights

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Throughout history men have been inspired by stories of adventure and the quest for significance.


The most popular books and movies all tell the same story.  A call to action goes out to an everyday guy, he rises to the challenge, and then achieves significance by fighting for a cause much greater than himself. 


This story fills the imagination of men all across the country. They dream of getting their call to action; they dream of their chance to do something that matters; and they dream of living a life filled with significance and purpose.


But isn’t this the call issued by the Knights of Columbus, issued by your Council specifically to every man sitting in your church?  Are we not now suddenly engaged in challenges not seen in over a century?


This is why the time for you to call upon the men in your parish is NOW.  Call upon them and tell them about the challenges we face because this is no fairy tale.  In today’s world the need for courage is real.


Courage to stand up for faith in a world that ridicules faith;


Courage to speak up for life in a world that discards life; and


Courage to serve the most desperate among us for our Lord Jesus Christ in a world that barely tolerates the mention of His name.


By accepting the offer to serve for only a few hours each month, these men will build for themselves a life filled with purpose and significance, and they will earn for themselves the greatest reward of all; gratification that can only come from living out the love of Jesus Christ. 


This is why UKnight is passionate about helping your Council make sure that every man in your parish knows that your Council is the place where he can make a difference.